ACADEMIA -500 AF- map help!!! Stuck at 98%!!

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4 years ago#1
Okay, so... :c I'm trying to see the Secret Ending, so I'm trying to get all the fragments.... I haven't gotten 100% on all the maps, this is the only one I have to do.
I went back to Academia 500 AF, and... There's this one platform I can't seem to get to.
Currently, I am stuck at 98%...

Here's a photo I took of my current map with annotations that shall be explained in the text below.

I circled the platform I can't get to....
I thought maybe I could get there from the platform with the magenta asterisk(*) on it, But when that L-block is facing it, it's BELOW the stupid platform.
Then I was trying to get there from the path with the black asterisk, but I can never get the L-block to face it. :c It will face towards the other way, where there is the floating box to change the positions of the blocks, but never towards that other platform. It seems like it should, but I haven't figured it out yet....
And when you select that floating box, it changes that L-block's movements, and I tried to jump off it to just kinda reach that platform so it would say I went there on the map, but I couldn't get it...
I hope someone can help me to get to there, because I am seriously clueless!!!! I was looking online to try and find help too before I came here, but I couldn't seem to find anything that helped me out....
I did get the Gold Bangle on the platform with Mog Throw, but I cannot seem to stand on it!!! It HAS to be possible, right!? It seems like it has to be possible somehow....

Thank you for reading this message!!!
4 years ago#2
put on extended jump and try to jump near it, you don't actually have to land on the platform to have discovered it.
4 years ago#3
to get to it, you have to set the control so the L block to the west of it it rotating clockwise. then get on the L block, as its rotating, jump on the west side while the L is facing left and up, then when it rotates you will fall onto the other side of the L block, and it will be facing up and east, run to the east end of it and you will be able to make it to the platform.
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4 years ago#4
I have the Anti-Gravity Jump thing on.... I did try to jump to it, I landed close-ish, but it didn't register I got to there. Do you, god-forbid, have to jump from ABOVE the platform for it to register?? (When I tried, I jumped from across of it.) If so, how the world do I do that!? Do I have to jump on that platform when it's moving, somehow land on the top, and then jump off it?
Thanks in any case for your quick reply, SeanChan10.
4 years ago#5
Thanks, Cirus7.

I'll have to write down what you said and try it. xDDDDDD
God why is this area so confusing?? It's pretty easy to get across the map to Caius, but...
Which direction should I try to be getting to that area from?? The area that connects to the boss or... somewhere else?? Poop. Why are you so confusing, 500 AF!?!?!? At least the blocks are pretty to look at... :c
4 years ago#6
i believe i got to it from the platform where you fight xoltol and tezcatapoli, due east of the end of the map where the shop is. but i believe you have to get t the platform with the control cube on it a little east and south of the shop before changing the color to make the L block spin, and if i remember right take the T block to the L block.
psn id "rajas", FF11 handle- Atrox, on Cerberus
auto modellista team- Akagi Redsuns *RIP*
4 years ago#7
Excuse the crude diagram lol, but I think this is how I got it.
I think the cube thing has to be green, then just wait until that L rotates to this position:

You still won't be able to jump on to that platform (I think), but you should get close enough so that it completes your map.
4 years ago#8
Okay! I think I tried that once, but I'll try it again xDDDD
I've spent an hour or two trying to get to the damned thing, it's so silly!!!! Xc
4 years ago#9
Okay Cirus, I was trying to do it that way. I know if you go to the beginning of the map and follow the path, on the left side, you reach a control cube, and if you hit it (make it red, I think), the L-block moves to face the control cube south of Chocolina and stuff. But when get there (I always kept the cactuar near her activated while I was doing all this crap) you walk past where you fight those two monsters go down the stiars and you press that cube there, it makes the l-block all weird and pointing up the air. Is that the control cube you were talking about??
Or do I need to that control cube from that T-block?? I know I tried that once, but I couldn't get the T-block to stop in front of the platform, so landing on it was impossible for me to do xD;;;
I'm sorry for all my messages, this area really confuses me, if you can't tell....
4 years ago#10
You get there from the long central platform. From there get to the platform with both the cactuar waystone and the cube, set the cube so that one side of the L-platform points right, then jump off the L-platform and land on that area. You can land on it since it has a treasure that requires a moogle hunt.
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