A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Four: Instruments of Revelation

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[OOC: I just realized I used the word "burst", like, 3 times in a row in my post... that's a very unattractive writing error T_T

@Kei: Thanks! I'll be sure to tell her. She did this totally for free and spent many hours on it, so I am grateful to her and promised to give her all of your guys' feedback. :)

@Arth: Hey, thanks! :D I'm not that great of a creative writer, so I hope that it was okay.]
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[I don't have time to write up something, so I'll just list what I do, and the sheets.]

Emil: Cure/Cure -> Kei, Cure/Cure -> Syntyche
Gilgamesh: Attack x4 -> Dark Lord A

Emil | ethan3210 | Gil 7390
RAV/SEN/MED 0/0/0 | Crystogen 1100
HP 1471 (1788)| TP 11
STR 70 | MAG 205 | ATB 4
[E] The Shining: Improved Guard

[A]Magic Counter



<--Accessories--> [1 slot]
Gem Necklace: Immune to Imperil.
Aqua Ring: Halves water damage (non-stacking).
Brawler's Wristband: STR+50
[E]Ceramic Armband: Immune to Deprotect.

[4]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Hi-Potions: Heals 600HP.
[4]Antidote: Cure Poison on yourself or target ally
[1]Moms Are Tough: ???
[14]Pearl Fang: Casts Water on a single target.
[2]Wax: Removes Imperil on yourself or target ally.
[1]Aegisol: Bestow Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns) on target ally.
[K]Gilgamesh Eidolon

HP 2150 (2800)|STR 450|MAG 250
[A]Soul Blade
[A]Master Debuffer
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mr_kiya posted...
[OOC: @Arth: Your a fan of Ghirahim?]

@kiya: Ghirahim as in Skyward Sword? I have not played it myself, though from videos he seems like a huge troll. If not, I have no clue what you're talking about. Why do you ask? I'd rather not take up space in the thread, so PM me if you can.
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OOC: As a random thing to note, Round 2 is typed up and the whole RP section is over 26 thousand characters according to GameFAQs. All that is left is Round 3 and then wait for the time to come to reveal what I have been working on this week.
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Kei | kuro-shinigami | Gil 6940
RAV/COM/MED 0/0/1 | Crystogen 2100
HP 1118/1118 (918) | TP 17
STR 90 | MAG 200 (150) | ATB 3
<--WEAPONS--> [Cards]
[E] [Anima] Improved Cure I: Your cure spells heal an additional 25%.
[RL] Medic Level I
[E] Silver Bangle: Max HP+200
[E] Shaman's Mark: MAG+50
Nereid Ring: Deal 25% more Water damage.
[10]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Wax: Removes Imperil on yourself or target ally.
[8]Pearl Fang: Casts Water on single target.

Kei---> "hey, is it just me or is it getting darker?"
Reaver---> "Can't really tell, Everything's kinda swirling around... I'm getting a headache."
Kei---> "Well then I have to get this over and done with faster."

Kei charged up a grey-like aura and shot it at the Dark Lord, also acting as a flare to brighten up the area.

Ruin Ruin Ruin ---> Dark Lord A

[@BMS: Just curious, does your friend use Photoshop or Sai? Because Chaos looks like he was done in Photoshop but the background and crystals look like it was done using Sai brushes.]
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[@Metaun: I assumed your final attack fully heals and fully staggers? I am working my strategy under that assumption. If it is partial on either end, let me know, and I will adjust accordingly.]

<Azra`eil> | <ask159> | Gil 3600
COM/RAV/MED 1/1/0 | Crystogen 2100
HP 1110 (1110) | TP 13
STR 300(250) | MAG 150 | ATB 3
<-Weapons-> [Scimitars/Katana]
[E]Stagger Maintenance
[A] Blindside
[A] Launch
[A]COM level 1
[1] Cragstrike
[A] RAV level 1
.<--Accessories--> [1 SLOT]
[E] Brawler`s Wristband
Dragonfly Orb: Immune to slow
[5]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2] Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
[2] Pheonix Down: Revives one character to 50% HP
[2] Antidote: Cures poison

Well, this just kept getting better. Renge had awakened his eidolon, and no fight was needed. The Condemner had sent us to another realm just like Syntche and the others, and two new enemies were here. However, Angelus and Asura unleashed a devastating attack, both healing us all and staggering the enemies. It was time to go on the offensive.
“Vincere, if you and Diablos can kill one, target the first one, I will keep the second one busy.” Azra'eil hoped it worked.

Running toward the dark enemy, he dodged an attack and, planting his left leg firmly on the ground, Azra’eil kicked the enemies chin and lifted him up into the air. As he brought his leg down he brought the dull side of his katana up, hitting the lord with it, and threw him up with all his might. Leaping, Azra’eil slashed the enemy twice before twisting and pushing off of him with his feet, land back on the ground. Hopefully this prevented the Dark Lord from attacking anybody while the others finished off the other guy.

Attack/Attack/Attack->Dark Lord D
5280 damage! (with stagger and blindside, launch as well)
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[I got distracted yesterday when trying to find what would work as a theme for Vincere and didn't post...anyway...]


(I survived with 16 HP. Yay me. x_x

But now I have full health, so I'm good.)


(Since I predict complete overkill on this particular enemy with all things considered and the likelihood that this enemy doesn't have more HP than the Condemner...)

Reaching an arm forward, Diablos began to draw in the other Dark Lord with an irresistible gravitational pull. Moving forward and planting his feet forward, Vincere lunged his katana forward and impaled the Dark Lord on his blade. Numerous gashes appeared on the Dark Lord as Diablos took the opportunity to break all of its resistance to the upcoming deathblow. The chain coming from the end of the hilt began to rattle as dark energy began to form and spiral around the base of the blade, as slowly cut after cut began to appear across Vincere. "BEGONE!" The energy was unleashed on his enemy, launching it flying as the energy propelled it off of the blade and a short distance.

Staggering a little, he turned his head half-attentively at the remaining Dark Lord. Diablos took that as a cue, the aura of the Gestalt form surging forth in its direction as it began to solidify in to Diablos' upper-half, tearing at the Dark Lord thrice with its clawed hands.

Target: Dark Lord (C)
< Deprotect {Target change on death of Dark Lord (C): Dark Lord (D)} | Attack | Attack | Attack >
Gestalt - Vincere
«Darkside -254 HP»

Est damage: Cannot be accurately determined due to unknown factor (I don't know how much more damage they take while staggered)
Est damage (without Stagger factored in):
Dark Lord (C): 11428 (11218 + 210)
Dark Lord (D): 2700

Vincere ¦ EtherealSoul ¦ Gil 4490
COM 1‡SAB 0‡SYN 0 ¦ Crystogen 2100
HP 1270/1270 (1170) ¦ TP 15
STR 277 ¦ MAG 135 ¦ ATB 4
«WEAPONS» ["Ethereal Edge"]
Armor Breaker: Lowers enemy resistance to Physical damage one level, to a minimum of Normal

when attacking. (Immune > Resistant > Halved > Normal > Weakness)
˜ ¹ ˜ Attack / Ruin
˜ ² ˜ Blitz
˜ ³ ˜ -
˜ ª ˜ -
˜ ¨ ˜ Role Level 1
˜ ¹ ˜ Deprotect / Deshell / Poison
˜ ³ ˜ -
˜ ª ˜ Soul Blade
˜ ¨ ˜ -
˜ ² ˜ Bravery / Faith / Haste / Protect
˜ ³ ˜ -
˜ ª ˜ Weak Haste
˜ ¨ ˜ -
‹1› -
‹2› Reraise
‹3› -
‹5› Summon
‹E› Iron Bangle: Max HP+100
‹1› Giant's Glove: Immune to Debrave
‹1› Ceramic Armband: Immune to Deprotect
•Diablos Eidolith•
‹2›Phoenix Down

<--DIABLOS--> EtherealSoul
HP 2500/2500
STR 450 | MAG 420 | ATB 4
[A]Faultsiphon: If you are targeting an enemy inflicted with a negative status ailment, add

1 ATB to your queue this round.
[A]Master Debuffer: Your first debuff or debilitate always sticks.
[S]Arise: If Vincere dies, revive him to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: Group target up to 6 enemies. A die is rolled for each use, the highest is kept.

Inflicts 3[Taunt].
[S]Curaga: Heal one ally to 100% HP.
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Sorry, I am on a time restraint right now and am unable to roleplay where appropriate right now... I'll try and add something later! Note that when all Dark Lords are defeated and Chaos Gestalts the next round will begin!

@Metaun: Hah, very cool finisher! Quite serene and fitting.

@kiya: Yep, that's about right!



Darran heals Milly for 280 HP and himself for 560 HP!
Milly deals 4963 damage, 8 stagger to PSICOM Warlord and 663 damage, 8 stagger to PSICOM Raider! PSICOM Warlord is STAGGERED!!


[663]PSICOM Raider attacks Darran, dealing 300 damage and inflicting Deprotect!
[9861]PSICOM Warlord perished!


Darran: 2[Shell] 2[Deprotect]



Angil deals 0 damage! [Immune to physical] and heals herself 200 HP with a potion!
Kyte misses twice and deals 0 damage [Immune to physical]
Yuki deals 0 damage [Immune to physical]


[150]Phantom casts Ruin four times, dealing 240 damage to Yuki and 240 damage to Kyte!


Phantom: 2[Deprotect]
Kyte: 3[Brave]
Yuki: 2[Brave]
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Renge receives a permanent +1 to his ATB.
Renge receives a key item, his/her Eidolith.
Renge now has the Tactical Maneuver, [5]Summon.

Renge receives 10 TP.
Other participants receive 3 TP.


Renge casts Bravery and Faith on himself, mirroring his power to Chaos through Resonant Chaos!
Chaos heals Renge's HP to full and removes all conditions.


The Condemner casts Darkga, dealing 400 damage to Renge and Chaos, and his pincer strikes at Chaos dealing 500 more damage.


Emil heals Emil for 615 HP and Syntyche for 615 HP.
Kei deals 1200 damage to Dark Lord B!
Syntyche heals Gilgamesh for 864 HP!

[1]Gilgamesh deals 5400 damage to Dark Lord A!

Angelus Challenges Dark Lord C [Actions targeting an enemy require an 'All' Materia accessory to switch targets].
Azra`eil launches Dark Lord D, dealing 5280 damage!
Vincere deals 13427 damage to Dark Lord C!

Asura unleashes The Seventh Blade, staggering the Dark Lords and fully healing her allies before returning to the mists.
[1]Diablos deals 675 damage to Dark Lord C, inflicting Deprotect! Diablos deals 5400 damage to Dark Lord D!


[11582]Dark Lord A perished!
[1200]Dark Lord B attacks (x4) Gilgamesh, dealing 400 damage!

Angelus, Azra`eil and Vincere


[13427]Dark Lord C perished!
[10680]Dark Lord D is launched and perished!

Our heroes turn around to find they have ambushed the Dark Lords battling Emil's team!


Dark Lord B: 4[Stagger] 1[Gilgamesh]
Angelus: 2[Wound]
Renge: 3[Bravery] 3[Faith]
Vincere: 1[Haste] 1[Bravery]
Chaos: 3[Bravery] 3[Faith]
Gilgamesh: 1[Wound]

Renge: 400

Chaos: 900
Gilgamesh: 400, Gilgamesh loses 1/5 of his max HP! New Max HP: 2240
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OOC: @Phantom: FUUUUUU...

Why do I get the idea we're not meant to win this fight? :(

Updated stat sheet:
Yuki | Arthogawa | Gil 700
COM/RAV/SYN 1/0/0 | Crystogen 2800
HP 944/1304 (1104) | TP 1
STR 144 | MAG 92 | ATB 3
<--WEAPONS--> [Great Sword/Grav Spear]
[E]Clayspear (Chain Bonus Boost I)
[RL]Commando I
[E]Silver Bangle: +200 Max HP.
[6]Potion: Heals 200 HP.
[1]Phoenix Down: Revive fallen party member to 50% Max HP.

Yuki Roleplay and Battle start
This time, Yuki was hit with two of the creature's attacks. "Oomph..."

However, it wasn't the pain that bothered him: it was the fact that their attacks appeared to have no effect. "This is bad..." he said to his allies. "Physical attacks don't work, and it's doubtful that even using elemental strikes would have an effect."

He remembered that Angil's last attack had some effect. "Angil: Do whatever it is that you did last time. Kyte, try using elemental attacks. I'll see if elemental strikes do anything."

He charged at the creature, his sword bursting into flame as he did so. He made an overhand swing with his blade and then followed it with a diaganol upward swing. The dust in the underground then coalesced around his blade, extinguishing the flames and leaving a makeshift sheath of earth around it. He brought this down on the creature, and then jumped back.

He prayed that these attacks would work. If not, they would be meeting the Goddess far sooner than he wanted to...

Target: Phantom