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4 years ago#21
holy s*** this seems complicated...
Noah could u just tell me which monsters (and what lvls) I have to infuse into my Silver Chocobo and in what order plz??i don't wanna mess things up...
4 years ago#22
I enjoy chocobos, racing, chocobo racing, and analyzing. This is my field. . . of gysahl greens. :3

@shim: How is this complicated? There are a bunch of different options, sure, but that doesn't make it complicated; it just makes it easy for you to build it even if you' don't like to deal with certain monsters.
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4 years ago#23
Dang Noah. Good stuff. Just a quick question for infusing for different abilities onto a racing chocobo:

There are no other orders to infuse them in, other than caring for Lancer for the silver chocobo right?
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4 years ago#24
No Lancer at all! Note posts 17 and 18; I messed up! Don't use a Lancer!
I mean, you can if you want an easy Element Guard source. A Lv17 one can be used to pass Element Guard and FSII. If you take this route, you have to either lock all R5s that you put on before it, or you have to put all other 5s on afterward, like I said.
However, you can get Element Guard from a Lv1 Navidon and FSII from a Lv1 Gancanagh. Using a Lancer means just one less infusion, but costs more materials. I was previously using it for Improved Ward, but I realized afterward that Improved Ward is for Lightning Bolt, not Turbo. I was sleepy. >.<;

Again, the order notes are basically the same for every monster:
If you want an ability that's of a lower rank than one that gets in the way (Crit: VIG is R6, Auto-BRV on Cactuar is R7, Crit: HST on Blue Chocobo is R9 and therefore gets in almost everything's way. . .), you lock them. If you don't want to externally lock them, you should do this before the list gets too full for them to get on. This isn't even hard, 'cause YLing all your abilities just involves a few extra infusions.
You could also infuse the source of that unwanted ability onto someone with it RLed, 'cause RLs block transfers. See below for a list of useful examples and use CTRL + F for "[L]" or something in the Monster FAQ for all of them.
If you're going to infuse an ability that you don't want (Crit: VIG at R6, MAG +35% at R7), infuse all others of the same rank afterward so that they take precedence. Newer > older at the same rank.
That's it. It's seriously that simple. It's just a numeric rank system, and YLs increase an ability's rank by 9 to give them an extra level of precedence. There is very little that you can eff up, and nothing that you can eff up permanently (sans Pack Mentality until the Snow DLC). I was always against the "Infuse in this order" setup because it implied that EVERYTHING WOULD BLOW UP IF YOU DIDN'T DO IT JUST PERFECTLY or something. Often enough, order doesn't even matter at all (like for my Crit Strat MED build). It's much simpler than people think.

Examples of useful RLs: Mud Frog/Grand Behemoth/Tezcatlipoca is good for Crit: Tetra, while Orion/Narasimha/Svarog can get rid of Quick Stagger (handy if you overleveled a Fencer that you intended to use). A Crawler and can sac Kill: Libra, which is good if you want to use Koboldroid Yin for Crit: Shield II (which gives Turbo, by the way, and this is not bad for an omni-Silver build) and Item Collector. For Golden, I suggest using a Dragoon/Goblin/Gremlin/Pleuston to get rid of Attack: ATB Charge so that you could get Crit: BRV locked from a couple Reavers, if you don't want to use a Red Chocobo or Cactuar. Hoplite can be used against FSII. If you overleveled a Tonberry, it's usually not a problem for phy monsters, but you can infuse it onto a Lucidon/Sarracenia/Flanitor to get rid of Ally KO: Power Surge. If you overlevel your Tonberry for a magical unit, though, Koboldroid Yin is great to get rid of STR +35%. You could even infuse Michichu onto a Proto-Behemoth/Albino Lobo to scrap Crit: VIG, if you don't mind expending rare monsters for something that you could solve by other means. Yeoman can get rid of Auto-HST, ATB Advantage, or First Strike. Blue Chocobo can get rid of Kill: ATB Charge, which is nice if you're getting an easy Kill: Libra with Hindrance from Metalligantuar. Carchimacera can scrap Resist Fire, which makes it nice to infuse two Red Chocobos onto for Crit: BRV. Just as Mimi scraps Resist Magic, Bamapama scraps Resist Physical. If you build your monster on the wrong materials and have a Resist Elements that you want to sac, infuse it onto Pink Lily, re-reaise your monster, and infuse Pink Lily to carry over all the abilities but Resist Elements.
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4 years ago#25
-facepalms so hard- Okay, I'm really sorry; I should have made something very clear, and, looking back, I think that I failed.

Don't infuse Turbo at all if you want Rocket Blast and Health Nut. You could sac both of them for Runaway and Supersonic, you could sac one of them for Turbo, or you could just stick with those two. On those whom do not have Dark Horse locked, you can sac that one, too. (Example: Red Chocobo is stuck with Lightning Bolt. You can sac Dark Horse for Runaway, though I would sooner recommend that you sac Health Nut.)
If your chocobo has something else locked in the way (like Supersonic on normal chocobos), give up Health Nut, Rocket Blast, or Dark Horse.

Again, personally, I always give up Rocket Blast for something else 'cause the timing is no problem for me, but it's an easily recommended choice if you don't readily get the timing.
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4 years ago#26
As requested, here is the "full" rundown of how to use any of the other chocobos, just in simple terms (i.e. I don't explicitly tell you the exact monsters to omit or add to your infusion process.):

It's preferential. Any and all chocobos can be made to win all races.
To reiterate optional abilities, there are Health Nut, Rocket Blast, or Dark Horse. I like Dark Horse because it turns quite a nice profit (an additional 110 coins per race, assuming that your chocobo is, in fact, built properly) when you're betting. Health Nut is a easily sacrificed; it makes every little difference at all and no difference if you don't mind using items with some of the extra coins that you're winning. Rocket Blast makes the Sprinting Start timing easier, but does not make Sprinting Start better in any way. If you're like me and get used to the timing, Rocket Blast sucks. If you're slower, Rocket Blast may be seen almost as a must-have.
Disclaimer: Again, all abilities are technically optional, though Sprinter and Marathoner are seemingly essential. I list those three as options because they make little/no difference in optimization, while the others all help at least a bit.

I can display the most efficient Crystarium paths (exact levels, not generalizations) at request.

Normal: This one is stuck with Critical: Power Surge II (Supersonic), which means that you'll have to give up one optional ability. Stamina will become problematic if you actually use Supersonic.
You should raise on mostly potents, but use mana on some levels. Built on an efficient Crystarium path, you get 800 or 801 STR and over 700 MAG. Between Marathoner and the fourth strategy (OOOX, the Blue Streak strat), you should have no stamina problems. If you do, sac another optional ability, add MAG +X%, and report to me so that I can mark it down, please! That makes this basically the same as Golden, 'cept that this one sacrifices an option with Supersonic.

Red: You're stuck with Lightning Bolt. Fortunately, you can reach 800 MAG, so it's possible that you can never have stamina problems while always using this strat. . . but not guaranteed. I would really appreciate some testing. You should infuse Runaway (Jungle Law is R4 and thereby must be infused twice for a YL. You could use a Lv1 Metalligantuar for Hindrance.) before trying Lightning Bolt, in which case you can either sac two options to have Runaway, Lightning Bolt, Second Wind, and Blue Streak, or you can sac Second Wind and Blue Streak for Runaway and Lightning Bolt, then pray that it works. Note: Even if you have some stamina problems, you should be able to eke out a win in any race. I'd much rather have it be less risky and more raze-the-racetrack-y, though.
If you don't mind spending mana crystals, you can very simply and easily transfer some of Red's STR into MAG for an 800+ in both stats. If you follow my path, you'll get a very effficient transfer (even enough that Red could still be used in battle, if you want to for some reason) without spending any crystals that you can't either farm from Microchus or buy.
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4 years ago#27
Green: This one's nice! Bonus CP is Health Nut, which means that you need no Rapid Recovery. Crit: FTH is Free Spirit, too. Improved Cure II is Turbo, which you can think of as either a replacement for Blue Streak or an alternative strategy in case you want to change things up. In the latter case, you must sac an option (Health Nut can be sacrificed by not learning Rapid Recovery or Bonus CP, but, once you have Bonus CP, you're stuck with it.) to keep both strat abilities.
Use many potent mats, then throw in power mats at the most efficient levels. The result should be something very similar to the normal chocobo, except that you got some free abilities in there. Most people don't think to give up some MAG for the sake of capping STR at 800 and relying on Marathoner/strategy to keep your stamina up.

White: This is the lazy option, which is exactly what Jolo was trying to convey right from the start, but people wouldn't listen and kept arguing that their chocobos were better/just as good/blahblahblah. You're stuck with Rocket Blast from the start, which is no problem if you were gonna' use it, anyway. However, you're also stuck with a totally wasted slot. Boo! You have to give up another option, which isn't a huge problem by any means, but makes White effectively no better than normal chocobos, and that's assuming that you use Rocket Blast.
It's the lazy option because you just raise on potent mats. Note: There may be a development in which it is decided that a potent White is actually how you should build a White to be a top-tier or almost top-tier monster as a tank (The term refers to a wall with some good offenses, for the record.) and a decent healer, which means that building this monster for racing may result in also building it for battle, assuming that you don't mind shuffling the passives.

Blue: You naturally learn Critical: HST, which, interestingly, has no racing passive! It just makes the build a couple steps longer. You're stuck with Kill: ATB Charge, which is a good thing, 'cause it's Limelight. CBBII is Lightning Bolt, which you don't want; you'll get rid of that with Crit: HST and use Blue Streak. This chocobo has no wated slots!
The Crystarium path is similar to Green's, and, again, you'll wind up with something that is statistically similar to the yellow counterparts, which is why you want Turbo/Blue Streak.

Black: You are stuck with ATB Advantage (can be upgraded to First Strike) and Improved Debuffing. This is great, 'cause they're Sprinter and Blue Streak! You again waste no slots, and you get bonus points in my book for resembling TEIOH! X3
Again, sac some MAG for 800 STR, and you have something like normal, Green, and Blue. Conveniently, you also naturally have MAG +25%, so you can give up an option to keep that in stead of giving up an option to infuse it. Granted, that's an incredibly minor convenience at best, and it's actually obstructive if you want to see whether you can get by without stamina problems on less MAG.
Note: Alternatively, you can just throw in one mana mat to break 800, then add a STR +16% to break 800 STR. This scraps one option ability. You can then sac one more for Turbo or sac all three for Runaway and Lightning Bolt (Supersonic may work for those with 800 MAG, too, but I prefer LB and know that it'll work. Because of this, if you add MAG +X%, Supersonic may actually be seen as a waste of no abilities to normal chocobos. Just remember to add Runaway and either drop Second Wind and Blue Streak or two options to keep those as backup.), if you so choose. I'm actually inclined to this because I don't use Rocket Blast, but that's just me. You could sac Health Nut and consider yourself to be trading it for some extra stamina, though I can't guarantee whether or not that stamina will matter.
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4 years ago#28
Purple: You're stuck with Crit: PRT, which is Blue Streak. Unfortunately, you're also stuck with Augment Maintenance II, which is apparently nothing. Sac an option.
This one is actually rather convenient, stat-wise. Using some power mats here and there, you end up with 800-ish STR at almost 800 MAG, which makes it very close to Silver, Red, and White in unaugmented stats. You may even be able to get away with running Lightning Bolt with no stamina problems (Again, testing = thanks!), but you're already stuck with Blue Streak and a lost option. You can consider Blue Streak to be a lost option if you forget Second Wind, infuse Lightning Bolt and Runaway, and stick with that, or you could even scrap all three options to just make room for both strat abilities and strat ability enhancers, or scratch two to include MAG +X%. Because its ending MAG (without a MAG +X% passive) is so close to 800, there's a lot of variability.

Final notes about these: I will not repeat this: ANY COLOR OF CHOCOBO CAN BRUTALIZE THE RACETRACK! If you want to use a certain color, there is a right way to do it, and you can probably win all the time even if you mess up quite a bit. White, Silver, and Red are preferred by many because their stats build up to the effectiveness caps easily, but you can pretty easily raise any and all of them to be great racers. There is a proper Crystarium build for each the others, and, really, they're not very complex.
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4 years ago#29
So, does everyone get how to build any chocobo for racing, now? Does anyone need me to give the most efficient Crystarium builds for each chocobo?

By the way, I heard of a Golden Chocobo getting by with no infusions whatsoever. It was just stated that it could handle the Dhaka Stakes (Collector's Catalog race), which is a 600m race, so I'm looking forward to further input about its performance elsewhere. Positively speaking, this was done with its innate Lightning Bolt strat, of course, which implies that Blue Streak may, after all, be enough to cover stamina for all races.
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4 years ago#30
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