Best of the best: Monk

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Her voice should be enough.

Only her english voice. Her JP voice is cute.

And no, I'm not a weeaboo.

I like the English voice acting more for the most part. Yuna being the only exception.
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Lol, are you that dull? Bans are permament. I was warned.

for good reason

The mods aren't stupid


Are you saying the mods are stupid?

Pissing the mods off is the last thing someone with your moderation history should be doing, broski

I mean, it's bad enough that you're an opera scene hater...

Guess who caresabout pissing the mods off?

Hint:Look at my moderation history.
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Dang I wanted to say Yang cuz he was actually a monk, and not just a fist-fighter. Ah well.
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Yeah, cause Terra has a marvelousvoice.

She would have if she had a voice.

Here's a video of Terra, the stupid ass esper girl with blonde hair and a terribly obnoxious voice, getting owned by Squall

so yeah