Whats Your Opinions, Hopes, and Dreams for Final Fantasy Xlll-3?

#1Noctus3Posted 7/8/2012 12:43:18 PM
Post it here whether it be negative or positive. Who will be the main character, what kind of plot, will it be good, etc. I'd like to hear them!
#2kupo1705Posted 7/8/2012 12:43:36 PM
More Sazh.
#3samuraiman26Posted 7/8/2012 12:54:54 PM
Main character :Light (others will appear
Playable:Light, Noel,Sarah,Snow,Sazh,Fang,Vanille,Hope

Plot: A preferably simple plot. I know out of what has been given it looks impossible, but with good writing hopefully it can be a lot less confusing.

Battle: As it is a sequel to FF13 and 2 I don't expect the combat to change base. However, I think they should go under a reform to make it less seemingly spamable, and more control to the other characters. I like having all my party members rather than let AI handle it. Yes it may be smart, but it isn't as fun. And it is possible. Maybe slow down the battle a little bit to make enough time for players to give commands and take their time for each person, and basically it goes like this:

Player-Choose character to act (characters who gauge isn't full will be greyed out)- select queue- select another character (whole this happens the first person will do their queue)- so forth.

Now mind you that is a rough draft and I can see how it has some problems but it is a pretty good base.
#4Elice_CarolPosted 7/8/2012 1:03:01 PM
More Sazh, playable OTP, Snow to take a heavy duty role after bunking out in the last game. If my theory is partially true, then maybe he can be the hero after all.
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#5King_Shortt_IXPosted 7/8/2012 1:05:10 PM(edited)
A simple straight forward story that wraps up loose ends and things, and Sazh becomes new Space Pope,

Cast of characters: Original 6, +Noel, and Robo-Serah.
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#6Noctus3(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2012 1:05:23 PM
Elice_Carol posted...
More Sazh, playable OTP, Snow to take a heavy duty role after bunking out in the last game. If my theory is partially true, then maybe he can be the hero after all.

He is awesome, but snow will never be a true hero like Zack Fair.
#7madapocketPosted 7/8/2012 1:05:57 PM
Hope playable and/or playing a major role in the story.

Hints of Hopurai

More lighthearted moments, I really love those.

More playable characters.
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#8Chaos-StrikerPosted 7/8/2012 1:10:19 PM
Hoping for:

-Better role definition (i.e. Serah having higher and better magic yet not having Cura/ja, or neither Noel nor Serah being a debilitator or offensive SYN. These need to be fixed)

I don't really care for much else. I actually don't like the idea of including roles similar to what we've seen in RotG in XIII-3...a RAV role that wounds like a SAB role...? Something about that doesn't sound right to me. If anything, a COM has the attacks heavy enough to wound...but then COM might be overpowered. Still, I just don't see a RAV wounding like that. The passive abilities granted to such roles would be great, though. Like how Shaman and Mage get higher ATB rates.
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