Has their been a manly character in FF after 7 (Sephiroth)

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heartlesshero17 posted...

heartlesshero17 posted...

Yeah Jecht is just too manly

Nemyar posted...
FFX: Auron and Jecht as mentioned before.

ValcristPL posted...
One word. Jecht. No other can come close to being manlier than him.

ValcristPL posted...
Jecht has long-ish hair and he is manlier than all FF protagonists merged together.

Bask in the manliest of men, Sir Jecht!

Auron comes second, if you disregard his baby smooth armpits.
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Vayne could've been more manly if it wasn't a Ye Olde English setting. actually his last form sorta made me think of Braska's Final Aeon

Basch was pretty gruff, kinda seemed dumb though tbh

Fang was manly
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Not sure if trick question, but...

VIII: Irvine (just barely)
IX: Queen Brahne
X: Isaaru (Seymour comes close)
XII: Larsa
XIII: Hope
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lold at queen brahne
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dresdenfall posted...
XIII: Hope

LOL Hope is manly. He's my fave FFXIII character but not close to being manly. Even in XIII-2 he's still childish and stuff, except more teenage like. NOT manly.
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Hope is manly, really.
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Asiaboyz posted...
Hope is manly, really.

Abort thread, madapocket incoming.
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Auron, Jecht, Basch...

Probably more, but those were the first I thought about.
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Uh, Jecht and Auron? Basch? Balthier?

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