GamesMaster UK clarify their FFXV rumor. *Revealing info inside*

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4 years ago#491
fanofff6 posted...
will this topic have a part 2?

MMX5 > X2 > X1 > X8 > X3 = X4 > XCM > X6 > Xtreme > Xtreme 2 > X7
4 years ago#492
Panda-Kun posted...
Elice_Carol posted...
I suppose, but people were telling me that KH2 was gonna be great when I was suspicious about the plot and characters. I came in not expecting much, and although I tried to open my mind to it I just felt hugely confused by the plot and the amount of times they threw around the words light, darkness and hearts.

Cutesy graphics though, and I still loved the Pooh segments as much as I loved them in the first game.

KH's plot...I feel is, rather confusing than most people would have you believe. I just leave it at that and get my enjoyment out of it because of the satisfying gameplay.
The gameplay is the ONLY good thing about the KH series. It's fun. Everything about the darkness, light, heartless and nobodies and dreams and yadda yadda yadda is all crap. Crap to make the world see more philosophically deep than it SHOULD and NEEDS to be. Had they stuck ONLY to the concepts of the first game, and not introduce more and more OTHER things with each installment, I might've actually liked it. It's kinda like the FFVII Compliation. There's some interesting ideas in FFVII that could've been explored MORE. Why introduced a messload of Turks we know NOTHING about? Why introduce some sort of ULTIMATE summon called Zirconiade? Why introduce Project G? Why introduce Omega WEAPON? It's just adding more convoluted crap to the series, and it's not doing any good.
4 years ago#493
It's NOT just XIII related but Final Fantasy related. This must be what Gamemaster UK was talking about, the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary conference at E3 where XV was to be announced. They must have held it off because of Agni's Philosophy (As Nomura stated about an unrelated announcement stopping them from revealing Versus and future new titles at E3).
4 years ago#494
grassyboots posted...
Amano's art can be *somewhat* recreated in CG, but the fact is his art is always off-model - I'm not criticising, but his art does not have definite dimensions/proportions/adherence to measurements. Things can look completely different from different angles. 3D can't really do that.

Again, SE' can certainly do stunning CG based on his art, but they can't capture that dreamy, wispy lack of physicality his art has. And the PS3 certainly could not do his art justice in real time - I'd prefer having Akihiko Yoshida either designing the characters or at least working with Amano on production-ready versions.

I don't think I'm asking for for a perfect CG recreation of the wispy Amano characters, with the long deer-like faces and inhumanly slender limbs. I actually believe that, when MOST people bring up Amano, they don't mean THAT. They mean what I stated, a game where Amano's artistic style is translated well into a FF world. The character's general proportions could be more realistic, but their clothing could be very Amano. Sashes and garments of bright colors, gold trimmed boots with pattern decor. Lots of stripes and polka dots, and bangles that hang from the belts and armor. As ShinGundam said, it's very Persian-inspired. I always liked that about Amano's general art style. It's very East meets West. It's to the point where it almost seems alien because how well the different styles fit together to become something entirely "new".
4 years ago#495
I feel like ending these discussions.
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4 years ago#496
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4 years ago#497
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4 years ago#498
Has anyone seen this video?

It definitely shows that Amano's artwork can be made into CG while keeping the same feel of his artwork and be pretty damn gorgeous IMO
4 years ago#499
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4 years ago#500
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