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3 years ago#261
The new RPG starts 500 years after the War of Transgression (which this one started just before it) in an AU where Pulse is populated and Cocoon merchant/political class isn't quite as fearful as in canon. Yuki's disappearance and Jin's death took place a year before the start of the new RPG (or, in universe, a year before the Festival of the Hunt).

And you're right about Akaso being like Cocoon: this is a very important observation, one that could allow several implications to be drawn up (and I readily admit alot of general plot is easy to figure out from the backstory with some thinking).

As for finishing this off...ehhhh...no inspiration to do so. If we had gotten to Akaso here and gotten most/all the way through what was planned, I'd be fine with throwing together a story wrap up, but now there would just be too much.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
3 years ago#262
I did read all of what you wrote and I like the idea that Pulse is far more populated. I would also suggest that Fal'Cie not curse or crush entire villages as it is simply too damning and dark. Vengeance ran pretty high among all the characters we had and I believe Fal'Cie would not so carelessly place themselves in danger from fear of reprisal.

As for what I was planning with the rest of the RPG, much of what happened in Akaso didn't affect the outcome for Runnah and Angil. Here is a good summation of key events that would have happened.

Angil's power grows beyond containment and never reaches Akaso. Having taught Yuki her fighting prowess and Runnah her sentiments, she vanishes from the world completing her own original purpose. She continues to watch from another dimension along with her sisters and Kizan, but any sort of help was forbidden by Lady RJ. She knows Angil became far too attached to this world and await her proper return to assisting Ry'Quin and Kizan. However, objection was raised by Ninesce as she stated her worries would be assuaged in about a week's time. Considering Lady RJ and Ninesce are usually with each other being the last full Goddesses, they bend to each other's will like fresh saplings. Angil is helpless and distraught as her friends and comrades suffer tragedy again and again.

Kizan continues to study advanced and forbidden L'Cie techniques after Angil's departure. The trip to Akaso revealed that Resef killed Azra.

[Insert Akasan Arc]

A new enemy appears in the form of Farron, the original and first L'Cie. Her goals were to eventually kill or enslave every last Fal'Cie she could find and destroy the lands she built. Her psychosis was brought about as she fulfilled contract after contract with Fal'Cie, building up Pulse to glory. When she had finished her most recent focus, destroy a city she built and was named after, she did so without hesitation. During her crystal sleep, she devised ways to get back at Fal'Cie who turned their back on them. By harnessing the power of all her former Eidolons, she could cripple or kill her various masters. But with so much death and destruction already looming on a world she built, her psychosis kicked in. Destroy everything she had a part in as her plan to erase both the good and bad Fal'Cie brought with them.

She frequents the story a couple more times as she is the one who completely levels Paddra. Everyone who had stayed here bar the few warriors sent to Oerba die at this point. The trail of annihilation follows its way to Oerba where she was likely to strike next.

This is coupled with the parties arrival and the attack on Cocoon begins. The two aerial platforms from before carry the party skywards. A battle takes place midway up, Malakkar and Seraph taking most of the heat so the others could make it up. The infiltration of Cocoon is going well until explosions rock the sphere. Farron starts trashing the place as the party goes to either seek out peace with Cocoon or bring it down themselves. Resef and his ilk are taken out by the players or her during the ensuing chaos. The result is the same as the party is effectively the culprit in either turnout and can give up or surrender.

Runnah uses the forbidden techniques she learned over the journey and turns into a half Cieth, half L'Cie monstrosity. It is enough to put Farron on even ground but only for so long as she summons an army of Eidolons. Valefor breaks free of the shackles from her former master and aids Runnah, but is killed protecting her summoner. Runnah does what she can before succumbing to crystal sleep, her focus completed on the inadvertent destruction of Valefor.

Farron and the party stand face to face for the final confrontation. All the Eidolons are gone and a blood stained psycho is the final enemy the team must face. Can they overcome their greatest enemy after the fall of Runnah? Can they claim vengeance on the harbinger of death of so many of their other allies? The final battle begins...
3 years ago#263
Whoop, the part about finishing off mainly refer to your new RPG (so you get time to think it though and set it up) rather than this RPG... <___<

You know what, I'll probably start with brand-new character. No real point in re-using existing characters (even if this is set in same continuity, which it isn't, they wouldn't be there in 500 years anyway...)
3 years ago#264
As far as final bosses go for the next one, I have an idea but it is not certain yet. Not revealing that idea (it would be spoilers).

I'll put it up on the Lightning Returns board later today/this evening and post a link here. Have some errands to run and I want to tidy up the crystraium one more time (namely replacing the elements with single lines saying en/bar-element-ra/ga/strike/blitz to save space).
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
3 years ago#265
If you're making single line for elemental abilities, you might as well as do the same for ailments (-ga, II, Heavy) and buffs (-ga)
3 years ago#266
New story and Initial Crystarium are up:

Sign-ups: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/681990-lightning-returns-final-fantasy-xiii/65826190

Initial Crystarium/Shops/Char Creation: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/619315-final-fantasy-xiii-2/65825945

And as to why the statuses aren't one line: prices are different. And don't worry that the crystarium looks bare...it will expand as the story goes along.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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