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4 years ago#31
OOC: Answering Asks questions

1. Weapons with the exact same qualities can not be fused as you could buy two weaker versions of a weapons and fuse them together for a stronger version. As with Runnah having two Support ATB Charge weapons, it does not create Support ATB Charge II.

Originally I was going to say yes that like abilities could boost up, but there is really 1 or 2 that would make sense, so I'll say no to that too.

*Siphon Boost is also a Rank 2 Skill that I didn't include in the initial list*

2. Weapon fusion occurs during normal RP time. Your character actively does it. You may also have as many fused weapons as you wish and can change between them during battle on turn one or with Equipment Change during other turns. You will not be able to change fusions mid battle for the sake that it would be a semi delicate process that you need to focus on. At least that's how I see it.

3. I sent you a lot of info on what I think would work for a new system which you can post here if you find it to be effective and appropriate. I'm more worried about certain ones than others. Imagine fighting the final boss and everyone uses Invincible over and over for 10 turns... I also want to state that this change was from no one person in particular and was something I've been thinking about for awhile and wanted to bring up while we are changing other things.

4. There was no four, but I had another announcement that I ran out of time before I could post.

Character Ougi/Secret Technique/Unique Ability/*Insert Cool Name Here*

I touched on this before briefly and wanted to revisit it now that there are other things on the plate as well.

- Your character must create it from one of their three initial roles at the start
- Your character must have at least Role Level 2 for the role that the ability would fall under
- Tentatively they will all cost 2500 unless you guys think a higher cost is more suitable
- They can only be used once a battle and enhance in effect if an enemy is staggered
- They will be role oriented in nature, COM for damage, RAV for stagger, SAB for debuffs/debilitates, SYN for buffs, SEN for damage reduction, MED for healing
- They use all your ATB and you won't be able to use tactics that turn, but the ability and power should be able to compensate for this
4 years ago#32
Having subdued Midgardsormr, Darran ran over to revive Parnell
"W-what? Umm... is the battle over?" asked Parnell groggily as he get off the ground

"You don't need to worry about that anymore" responded Darran "Nor you should worry about me too, I'll continue to travel with you guys for as long as I can"

"Okay!" replied Parnell "No more worrying about these sort of stuff, got it?"

"Well, would it bring around another eidolon if I do it again?" pondered Darran jokingly

"That's not funny at all!" frowned Parnell with his hands on hip.

On the way back, Yuki addressed Darran
"Sheesh Yuki, you don't have to call me "Master". I don't think I'm that much older than you" commented Darran embarrassingly

"Umm, Mister Yuki?" asked Parnell wonderingly "Jason get to be called a "sir" and Darran a "Master". I feel like an odd one out..."

"Heh, you're probably too young and you're no good in battles too" " answered Darran before laughing.

OOC: Here's the stat sheet prior to the upgrade, will deal with the boost later on...

HP 2500/2500
STR 450 | MAG 360 | ATB 4
[2]Gale Blitz
[2]Crag Blitz
[S]Arise: If Darran dies, revive him to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: Group target up to 6 enemies. A die is rolled for each use, the highest is kept. Inflicts 3[Taunt].
[S]Curaga: Heal one ally to 100% HP.

[S]Reverse: Turn a single foe's buffs into opposing debuffs. Debuffs which foe is immune to get dispelled instead.

[A]Earth Aura: Move earth resistance forward one tier, as well as boost earth-based damage for Midgardsormr by 25%.
[S]Abyssal Fangs: Deal 1.5x STR for each debuff present on a foe

Abyssal Maw: Deal Earth-based damage to all foes. Miss airborne/launched foes. 4x STR with additional 0.5x STR for each debuffs on foes.

(OOC: I actually have another idea for an eidolon but too bad that there's no more available space, but I can post it if you guys wanna see it.)
4 years ago#33
OCC: LEVEL up Times. :P

Milly Gains: -2000 [A] Weak Spot, 15 Magic, and upgrades to a Sorcerer's Mark!

Jason Gains: -5000 Com Level 3, Gaining the Ravager Role!
-400 [1] Flamestrike
-400 [1] Froststrike
-400 [1] Sparkstrike:
-400 [1] Galestrike:
-400 [1] Aquastrike:
-400 [1] Cragstrike:.
-400 [2] Shell
-1000 6000 HP!
-700 70 STR
-50 MAG

Milly | Gil 4200 I CP 0
HP 2190 | TP 22
STR 140 | MAG 510 (410) | ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [Sidewinder Whip]
[E] Chain Whip (Improved Cure I)
Wizardly Whip (Quick Stagger)
Slaver’s Whip (Attack ATB Charge)
Queen’s Whip (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Aero/Water/Stone
[2] Fira/Bilzzara/Thundara/Aerora /Watera/Stonara
[3] Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga/Aeroga/Waterga/Stonaga
[A] Overwhelm/Deprotect Chaser/Weak Spot
[RL] Role Level 3: Self +3 stagger, Allies +1 stagger
[1] Deshell/Poison/Imperil
[1] Debrave/Slow/Pain
[1] Dispel
[RL] Role Level 2: Self Debuffs add Turn, 1/6 better chance of sticking.
[1] Cure/Curasa
[2] Cura/Esuna
[A] Cheersiphon/Improved Esuna
[RL] Role Level 1: Self +10% Healing
[1] Quake/Libra
[3][5] Summon: Hecatoncheir
Glass Buckle (Resist Defaith)
Silver Bangle (HP+200)
[E] Healer's Emerald (Medic in any role)
[E] Sorcerer's Mark (Magic+100)
[E]Raijin Ring (Extra 25% Lighting damage)
Black Belt (10% Physical Resistance)
[12] Potions: Heals 200 HP
[4] Antidote: Removes Poison
[3] Pale Fang: Casts Aero
[3] Phoenix Down Revives Ally
[K] Hecatoncheir Eidolith: Allows [3][5] Summon

Jason I Gil 4450 I CP 0
HP: 9080 (8880) I TP 8
STR 590 (490) I MAG 135 I ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [European Sword&Sheild]
[E] Anneas (Improved Guard I)
Spine Blade (Attack ATB Charge)
Blue Crystal Rod (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Attack/Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Launch/Ravage/Smite/Adrenaline/Faultsiphon
[RL] Role Level 3: Self: 30% Extra Damage Allies: 10% Extra Damage
[1] Provoke/Challenge/Mediguard/Vendetta
[2] Steelguard
[3] Elemental Guard
[A] Cover/Deathward
[RL] Role Level 1: 40% Damage Reduction
[2] Bravery/Faith/Haste
[2] Protect/Shell/Veil
[RL] Role Level 1: Buffs Last 1 more turn
[2] Reraise
[1] Mighty Strikes/Libra
<--ACCESSORIES--> [4 Slots]
[E] Warrior’s Wristband (+100 STR)
[E] Generals Belt (30% Physical Resistance)
[E] Silver Bangle (+200 HP)
[E] Frost Ring (1/2 Ice damage)
[3] Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP

Milly: "I'm Fine Yuki.. Notthing broken i think...."
Jason: Well That's a relief. I was worried about you.."
4 years ago#34
OOC @ Ventus: I'm pretty sure that a 1000 CP investment in HP equals into 600 additional HP...not 6000. (1000/10x6=600)
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
4 years ago#35
Yea that was my fault...

Jason I Gil 4450 I CP 0
HP: 3680 (3480) I TP 8
STR 590 (490) I MAG 135 I ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [European Sword&Sheild]
[E] Anneas (Improved Guard I)
Spine Blade (Attack ATB Charge)
Blue Crystal Rod (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Attack/Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Launch/Ravage/Smite/Adrenaline/Faultsiphon
[RL] Role Level 3: Self: 30% Extra Damage Allies: 10% Extra Damage
[1] Provoke/Challenge/Mediguard/Vendetta
[2] Steelguard
[3] Elemental Guard
[A] Cover/Deathward
[RL] Role Level 1: 40% Damage Reduction
[2] Bravery/Faith/Haste
[2] Protect/Shell/Veil
[RL] Role Level 1: Buffs Last 1 more turn
[2] Reraise
[1] Mighty Strikes/Libra
<--ACCESSORIES--> [4 Slots]
[E] Warrior’s Wristband (+100 STR)
[E] Generals Belt (30% Physical Resistance)
[E] Silver Bangle (+200 HP)
[E] Frost Ring (1/2 Ice damage)
[3] Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
4 years ago#36
OOC: Sorry I haven't updated anything RP wise in the last few days. I've been quite strapped for time so the only thing I have been able to do was post the information about boosts, fusion and answering peoples questions. I'll have RP stuff either late Saturday or late Sunday depending. I know most people are waiting to move on so just bear with it another day or two.
4 years ago#37
Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki heard Parnell and Darran's banter, but didn't respond.

Azra's response saying that they had run into trouble as well didn't surprise Yuki much at all. "I figured that," Yuki said. "Though if stuff like this continues, Bohemia may well not be habitable again..."

He then heard Milly and Jason speak up. He turned to survey the young woman and found that her answer was truthful. "Good...I still owe you for what happened yesterday, right?"

At that Haru looked at Yuki with a frown. Yuki shook his head. It is something I have to atone for... Yuki thought.

Meanwhile, Haru was mentally sighing. Yuki really takes the honor concept way to seriously...I hope that it doesn't bite him in his rear...

Then Haru realized something else. Lord Malakkar is back...we NEED to have a celebration and I don't think Runnah ordered anything substantial to be prepared! He slipped his Eidolith in a pouch and turned. "Well, I imagine we must all be starved after this evening's events...I'm going to make sure that we have a suitable fete prepared for us."

Haru hurried off as Yuki's eyes followed him. He turned to Runnah. "Do we seriously need a feast for everything?" he said in a joking tone. It reminded him of home with how most every night the villagers would gather together. Home... he thought, his expression falling. He shook his head. Don't think about it.

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
4 years ago#38
(OOC: I'm still a bit confused about weapon fusion, can you fuse up to four Rank 1 weapon so it add up to Rank 4, but then you said that you can only fuse two weapon so...

As for the TP Skill issue, maybe you can do away with the TP and make the skill full-ATB that can be used only once per battle?)

"I wonder why does bad things always happen to this village since we first arrived?" asked Parnell concernedly "Would something happen again when we leave?"

"Hey, you don't need to be so worried" replied Darran "I'm sure these people would be able to handle the problems on their own once they get all trained up, plus they got Malakkar and Runnah with them."

Darran | Gil 5975 | CP 6650
HP 3000 | TP 34 | ATB 5 (+1)
STR 200 | MAG 200
<--WEAPONS--> [Edged Tool]
[E] [Wild Hunt] ATB+1
[Survivalist Hatchet] Defense Maintenance I
[Outsider Machete] Improved Esuna I
[Hunting Dagger] Attack ATB Charge
[Ranger Khukuri] Support ATB Charge
-SENTINEL- Level 1
[1] Provoke / Challenge / Vendetta
[A] Counter
-SABOTEUR- Level 1
[1] Deprotect / Deshell / Poison / Imperil / Wound / Dispel
[1] Debrave / Defaith / Slow / Curse / Pain / Fog
[A] Jinx / Master Debuffer
[2] Haste / Protect / Shell / Veil
[3] Protectga / Shellga / Veilga
[2] Barfire / Barfrost / Barthunder / Baraero / Barwater / Barstone
[5] Nul-All
[A] Boon / Buffer
-MEDIC- Level 0
[1] Cure / Curasa
[2] Esuna / Regen
[3] Raise
[A] Defensive Raise
[2] Reraise / Chainspell
[3][5] Summon
[E] Healer's Emerald: Can use Medic abilities in any role
[K] Midgardsormr Eidolith
[4] Mallet: Remove Fog
[7] Red Fang: Cast Fire
[1] Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)

Parnell gains the Saboteur role and obtains the following abilities:
-2000 [3] Dispelga
-1500 [A] Double Dispel

Parnell | Gil 3000 | CP 19350
HP 1200 | STR 120 | MAG 120 | ATB 4 | TP 17 |
<--WEAPONS--> [Modded Manadrive]
[E] [X-ATM092] Critical: Shield
[GIM52A] Attack ATB Charge
[BGH251F2] Support ATB Charge
-RAVAGER-Level 3
[3] Manadrive Firaga
[A] Overwhelm / Vigor
[1] Provoke / Elude
[A] Reprieve / Evade / Magic Evade / Deathward / Fringeward
[3] Manadrive Dispelga
[A] Double Dispel
-MEDIC-Level 0
[4] Manadrive Esunada
[A] Improved Esuna
[1] Equipment Change
[E] Collector Catalog: Doubles odds for common drops
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
[E] Doctor's Code: Double effects of healing items
[2]Wound Potion: Removes Wound
[5]Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP (1200 with Doctor's Code)
[3]Aegisol: Bestow Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns)
[1]Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)
4 years ago#39

Ok, going to post the basis of one of the possible TP changes now.

If you have played Skies of Arcadia, it is like that. I have not, so can't say, but the idea i pretty simple. Everyone will no longer have a private TP. Instead, there will be a public TP pool (with a cap of course) that everyone uses. Charactes produce TP at the beginning of the turn.

All characters (and eidolons) produce 1 TP naturally. If a character does not use a tactic/item, they produce an additional TP. Eidolons do not produce this additional TP as they cannot use tactics/items. For the first turn only 1 TP per character is produced (unless the character has an item enhancing their natural TP production)

Here are a couple examples to help (Using Cat's examples, don't think you mind):

Haru/Azra/Runnah Turn 1, 3 TP in the pool, no one uses tactics or items (including cover)
next turn, the 3 TP from the start are there, 3 more are produced naturally and 3 are produced because each character didn't use extraneous actions. 9 TP in total for turn 2.

Continuing from the first example, each character then uses Summon for 3 TP, draining the gauge completely. No extra TP because each used a tactic, but since summons add to the pool naturally, turn 3 would start with 6 TP.

Another extra example, so Haru/Azra/Runnah Turn 1, 3 TP, Azra uses chainspell for 2 TP, reducing to 1, next turn each character produce 1 TP naturally and Haru/Runnah produce 1 additional TP for not using tactics/items, bringing the total to 6 TP turn 2

Hope this makes sense. The items/equipment will probably change to fit the new system, and there is still a possiblilty that a charge/limit will be placed. This includes making sure the same tactic cannot be used on the same turn (barring possibly summons). The costs also might change (mostly just summons for this consideration, but possible). Again, this is just one proposition, so give your thoughts on it.


Emil watched as Renge continued talking with Malakkar and the others. He started to go over a couple times, but wasn't sure what to say. Maybe Gilgamesh is right. Maybe he doesn't need me.

Getting worried this was true, he walked over and pulled on his sleeve to get his attention. He whispered quietly in his ear.

Emil: I need to talk to you. Could you come off to the side?

He tried to make it sound important, and Renge looked worried. Standing, he addressed the group.

"Sorry Master Malakkar, I need to have a talk with my friend. I will be right back."

Nodding at the others, the pair walked off. Emil, however, was hurt. Friend? Is that all he thinks of me know?

**See, I was right. He is drifting away. You need to do something and fast. To keep him by your side.**

Nodding, Emil agreed with Gilgamesh, and so he turned to Renge.

Emil: What is going on? I thought he had figured out what we were doing. I thought we were good. Now we are just friends?
Renge; Emil-chan, I didn't mean it like that. I just ...I always get embarrassed talking about us. I am not good at this.

Renge turned red, and looked at the ground, shuffling is feet, uncomfortable.

**See? He is lying, that is why he is nervous. He hopes you don't see how his feelings have changed.**

So what do I do?

**Just leave everything to me and follow my lead. I will take care of it. He will NOT leave your side.**

Emil: Okay.

Renge: I'm sorry?

Emil: Nothing, don't worry about it. Its all okay.

Renge, unsure what had happened, nodded, and, still feeling bad, took Emils hand and walked back to the group. Gilgamesh continued laughing, looking forward to the events to come.


Renge headed back with Emil, happy to be back with him. I think this is working out pretty good. Hope I don't screw it up.
4 years ago#40
OOC: Midgardsormr has an additional 500 CP to spend after going over totals.

Runnah Roleplay Start

After another onslaught of attacks, Hashmal looked me in the eyes. His roar was loud as he began to charge and I took up a defensive stance. This time though, Haru got in front of me while blocking the swing with his katana. The two of them held pause and increased their distance between one another. The last showdown. Another surge forth from the two of them allowed their pathes to cross with a flash of steel. Seconds passed before Hashmal dropped down. Haru held out a hand to his Eidolon and the two were baked in earthen light. Time passed again and Hashmal transformed into a land based rider with blades on the edges. Haru had some fun while riding around before talking to us. I noticed the Felsen Rod and Replica had also seperated.

"I couldn't have survived that without all of you, thanks."

Before I could reply, some of the others appeared before us.

"Lady Runnah, Captain Haru, Master Azra'eil and Lady Milly, I pray that all of you are in good health after what happened here? Sir Jason, Parnell, and Master Darran should be here momentarilly. We had some...motivation issues...but I think everything is taken care of now."

Motivation issues? As long as everything is sorted out now. Maybe that was the fireworks from earlier? Before the others arrived, I closed my eyes and called out to her for a quick chat.

Hey Valefor, you still awake?

What do you want?

Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I'm not as strong as the others, nor you, when it comes to combat. I was mad at Haru, Dad and myself, not you. Will you forgive me?

I suppose...

I also wanted to ask you, what were you laughing about before?

Oh. The magic resonance between eidolons is getting stronger. The more eidolons we collect and the stronger our masters become, it passes off among us. It can also have side effects like it did with your magic rod. You should be able to harness abilities from different weapons by magically fusing them.

How do I do that?

Same way you did just now. Overload them with magic and the two should link up. If it doesn't work, you might be at the weapon's natural limit for combination. But you shouldn't do the process during magic as it would leave you wide open to attack.

Makes sense. Will you help me learn more abilities if the others won't?

Only if you want me to. By the way, the others are still addressing things you are likely to be concerned with.
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