Having trouble on a no monster run (spoilers I guess)

#1OrnerySpoonPosted 11/11/2012 4:12:44 PM
Having played through the game once, I thought it could be fun to try and play the game without using any monsters. As an additional parameter, I also have been building Serah towards STR/HP and Noel towards pure MAG, and have them equipped with weapons and accessories that emphasize that.

I got through the main game well enough; there were a few difficult fights but only one or two that caused me any real trouble. Now I'm in postgame and I'm starting to struggle. I'm not sure if I'm going to collect every fragment (Yomi and Raspatil seem like they may be more frustrating than it's worth, especially with no bravery/faith), but I'd like to at least get all of the Paradox Endings...

So anyway, I'm stuck on Serah vs. Caius in the Void Beyond. She hasn't maxed her crystarium yet but she's pretty far along, has gotten every +str bonus she can, and has every ability for every role except maybe a passive in RAV. I've gotten the timing down to where I can more or less manage his attacks, and can generally survive two full rounds without needing to heal as long as my buffs are up and I Dispel his buffs immediately. Unfortunately, I just cannot outdamage his Regen. If I try to stay on the offensive when he starts attacking me then he either hurts me badly enough I need to stop and heal/tank, or he launches me and I end up not getting to attack anyway, and then either way he's back at full or near-full HP by the time his offense phase ends.

So, does anyone have any advice? I'm up for developing the crystarium all the way but I doubt that will really change the issue, besides maybe making Serah harder to kill or launch. Are there any other things I can try to do? I haven't attempted much with SAB skills yet, and I think they might make this workable, but even so I'm unsure how well I can stick them and still have time to do any damage.
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#2ArthellinusPosted 11/11/2012 4:34:35 PM
Since Caius can be Poisoned, SAB is an easy solution. Wound helps too. He can't regen what you've Wounded off.
#3JolosGhostPosted 11/11/2012 4:42:55 PM
Since Caius can be Poisoned, SAB is an easy solution. Wound helps too. He can't regen what you've Wounded off.

That was always my solution for that fight. Wound the ever-loving s*** out of him, and then polish off the last, what, 20% of his health?
#4OrnerySpoon(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2012 5:00:28 PM
Okay, I'll see how that works out. By the way, I've been curious about this for a while; do Poison and Regen have equal and opposite effects, or is one more potent than the other? That is, if a Caius has both applied, will he sloooowly take damage, sloooowly recover it, or will his HP stay still? Obviously Poison would still be worth applying in any case as an anti-Regen measure, I'm just curious how much it offsets.

Oh, and Regen cannot be dispelled, yes? I remember trying a whole lot in the first Oerba battle and it never working, but I want to be sure about that, too.
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#5destrian522Posted 11/11/2012 6:41:11 PM
Yeah, you can't interact with the hexagonal statuses at all.
#6achilleszeroPosted 11/11/2012 7:04:57 PM(edited)
Poison is slightly stronger than Regen so it should be a counter if you can reliably get it to stick. Not sure if it will be anymore effective than Wound.
#7JolosGhostPosted 11/13/2012 3:39:17 PM
Once you Wound him to maximum damage, his Regen doesn't mean anything. He'll drop in a matter of seconds.