the valhalla dlc? *SPOILERS

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User Info: jaganshi2

4 years ago#1
I just beat Kias in the Lightning story DLC and my question is:

Is this it? All that happened was a short clip and i'm sent back to her menu... something tells me there has to be more to this but for some reason i'm having a bad time with google right now to get some answers.

Is there anything more to this DLC or no?
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User Info: Moomba33

4 years ago#2
You need to 5 star that battle to move on to the next one, then 5 star that battle to get Lightning's crystal.
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User Info: achilleszero

4 years ago#3
Defeat Cauis faster then you get to fight Chaos Bahamut. If you 5 star the fight then you'll get COM Lightning's crystal and the secret ending.

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#4
Yup. Beat him with 5 stars to get Lightning's Crystal.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#5
you have to beat two bosses total with 5 star ratings to finish the entire DLC. you wont be able to 5 star both bosses without level 7 or 8.

User Info: Arthellinus

4 years ago#6
False. You can do it at any level except 10.

User Info: alt_reality

4 years ago#7
Who is Kias?
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User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#8
alt_reality posted...
Who is Kias?
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