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4 years ago#1
I've been searching a long time a perfect paradigm pack for me... In my initial playthrough, I sticked with the chocobos (Golden, Silver, and White), but I'm starting to want, since I've already bought all coliseum and Episodes DLC, a whole new pack, preferably human.

I've already gathered to my main party Valkyrie Lightning and Snow (1st try YAY), both following the builds of josephTomega2012, and now I'm looking for a 3rd party member...

I've already Nabaat, Sazh, RAV Lightning, Amodar, and such minus Valfodr, PuPu, and Gilgamesh (A real pain in the ass to get those...)

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4 years ago#2
Ditch Snow and add Lightning and Sazh.
4 years ago#3
I like Snow because he drags the attention of almost every foe while I attack, and edures amazingly well with his broken HP pool...

Valkyrie Lightning, well, is just awesome...

I'm really between Nabaat, Sazh or the other Lightning, and whys would help me alot...
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4 years ago#4
A good SYN monster like Sazh gives you access to Faith, Bravery, and En-spells to maximize the potential of your COMs. A good RAV monster like Lightning helps you to rapidly increase the enemy chain gauges which again maximizes the potential of your COMs. A strong COM monster like V. Lightning will dramatically outperform the damage output of your human characters. Serah and Noel are adequate as MEDs and have access to the SAB abilities that complement high-damage output (Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil).

Very, very few enemies have attack patterns that are dangerous enough to warrant the use of the Sentinel role outside of a single shielding paradigm for isolated attacks. Even fewer ask you to dedicate space in your paradigm pack for a SEN who can outperform Noel. On the occasions where it's actually worthwhile to run a monster SEN, you're often best off using the SEN and RAV combination that can cover the loss of a SYN, namely Goblin Chieftain and Cloudburst.

tl/dr: ditch Snow and add Lightning and Sazh.

4 years ago#5
Now that I recently tried her, the RAV Lightning is rather not much of use for me.

I'm used to fill up the gauge with Relentless Assault (RAV, RAV, COM), because that way I do not have to waste time switching back to Cerberus to "still" the gauge , and also because, even with a optimal build, her undeniable low HP, which is that of a Nekton if compared to Snow's (My Villiers' is around 20k).

And since I wanted to fully (re)explore the game with this new party, Snow might be useful for enduring attacks Vakyrie or Sazh wouldn't, while I do the icky job...

I'm still quite unsure about her...
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4 years ago#6
Three Ravagers with 5 ATB each don't usually need help with stabilizing the gauge, and when they do, it's almost always better to use SAB/RAV/RAV to multitask the infliction of debuffs along with the increase in chain duration. I can't remember the last time I used Relentless Assault in XIII-2, and I don't even use it all that often in XIII where the absence of paradigm tuning makes it the best single-target damage paradigm in cases where there are multiple targets.

4 years ago#7
Even so, her HP is not one of the best, and I've still had no luck in taming Tempest to get her Aeroga :(

And Serah makes up a fine substitute for Light, I daresay. Anyway, I'm happy with my Relentless Assault. That along with Sazh and Sabs finish Razpatil within 2 minutes.
I tried out with the RAV, it took around 5...

She didn't gain my faith in the end...
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4 years ago#8
...sounds to me you don't want a perfect DLC pack...
4 years ago#9
Sorry for my last post, I'm just not very convinced about her. I can be rather finicky sometimes, and quoting ultros, "so sorry, so sorry!" :P

And yeah, I noticed that Light is actually really good, it's only her build that I messed up...

Just a single thing that bugs me still: In my actual Tortoise paradigma, who should I put to replace Snow there? Because attacks like Long Gui's Ultima kill Sazh just right away :P

On a side note, then, Any of you know a optimum build for this L'Cie? I wanna see her true potential ^^
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4 years ago#10
Check out my Monster Infusion FAQ for optimal builds for all top-tier, DLC, and notable monsters.

For RAV Lightning specifically, Ctrl + F [DLBLD06] in my MI FAQ.
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