So i pretty much despised everything of FF XIII But liked this demo

#1evilfurbitzPosted 12/8/2012 9:16:45 PM
Would i enjoy this game.. Far as employing Monsters in the universe of the game to help you fight i frigging love like in the SMT games and Devil summoner.. I frigging hate over emotional sub plots based around The Main/Sub character feelings when they just cant quite grip with what they are tasked too do... I Hated every single char in FF13 besides Fang.
#2Drake_GodPosted 12/9/2012 12:15:28 AM
Lots of things to dislike in XIII. Yours, however, are new ones.

Anyway, XIII-2 is overall much better.
The game does revolve around Light's sister, Serah and her emotions and such. But there's less drama.
The other character, Noel, is described by Snow be be a lot like Fang (and Vanille). So maybe you'd like Noel. Since he's one of only 2 characters, you'd like 50% of them, instead of 17% like in 13.
Gameplay, battle and such have been improved in many ways, with most of the bugs fixed.
Less linearity.
Several side-quests (non-optional for platinum)
You dont need any farming/grinding for platinum.
The crystarium and similar things have become worse.
There are more comedic moments in this game.
The plot is better imo.

So I'd say, given the information you gave, you'd really like this game.
#3Lelouch71Posted 12/9/2012 5:34:08 PM
Besides Serah being emotional about her sister and Snow, it's pretty tame in the melodramatics. Noel and Serah are rather down to earth characters like Sazh and Fang. If you like the dynamics between the two that is how it stays. Plus they don't fall in love with each other either so that also helps cut down on the excess drama.
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Gameplay wise I enjoyed XIII-2 a lot more then XIII. Storywise it was crap. I think its worth a playthrough even if you disliked XIII, and its cheap now so knock yourself out.