want to get this game

#1deathsiePosted 12/19/2012 10:38:54 PM
I want to get this game, but I really hated the story of 13, especially the sections with Hope and Snow (JUST STAB HIM ALREADY!!) and how everyone is just hugging by the end.

Will I like this game?
#2ExternicaPosted 12/20/2012 1:01:39 AM
Mmh.... I don't know? Maybe not? XIII-2's story was a bit weird at times, thanks to all that time traveling. And even though the big bad has a very interesting motivation for being the big bad, we are only told what his motivation is. There's barely any interaction in that regard.
And some plot points are never solved. For example, Snow is back, but he's a L'Cie again.
Same goes for Serah and Noel. Her motivation is to find her sister. And that's everything there is to her, other than being a nice girl and mean teacher. (Though there's only one optional scene to prove this.)
And Noel... well, he's the last human being from a really bad future (no spoiler, he tells you right away) and... that's all there is to him.
Of course, major NPCs don't get a better treatment.
All I can suggest is to watch some story cutscenes and see for yourself. If you don't mind to spoil yourself.
Oh and the ending takes a different turn than XIII's. tvttropes and youtube are your friends.

The gameplay hasn't changed much at all. Though you can catch monsters to put them as a third party member in your group. You can have up to three monsters in your active slots. Of course, you're not limited to only hold three monsters overall.
Random battles are more or less back. You explore the area and the monsters will pop up. You can then trigger the battle or run away, before the monster starts the fight.
And you can backtrack now.

But seriously, if you want to get the game, get it. You can still rent it, I suppose.
#3VeraxulousPosted 12/21/2012 2:58:58 PM
Let me lay down some brutal honesty about this game: the story is absolutely awful and convoluted as can be. The dialogue is just plain bad. Contrary to this, I think almost all of the voice actors did really well for what they had to work with (some exceptions).

The ONLY new monster models are bosses (plus Tonberry... I don't remember a Tonberry in 13, but I might be wrong about that). There are some new palette swaps, but otherwise you will have seen EVERY enemy's model in FF13. Recycle heaven!

A lot of the areas are tiny and recycled (with palette swaps) with the convenient excuse of time travel to justify it.

The music is reminiscent of FF13. I liked it on the whole.

The new Crystarium just involves player preference in stat distribution, but it's pretty negligible. Your party members will have access to fewer skills than were available in 13 (due to you having two party members plus a monster of your choosing/farming). For example, your two characters will never have access to the Haste spell.

Mog clock (enemies on the field with a countdown until battle initiates) makes it nearly impossible to not get preemptive attacks on enemies (there's maybe one or two where it's difficult).

Combat is the same as it was in FF13 plus two new finisher moves, kind of like how everyone in 13 had a finisher (you can also switch party leaders during battle). I loved the combat, personally.

Monster raising is admittedly better than FF13's weapon upgrading system. It's also pretty groovy to walk around with a Behemoth at your side in combat. Accessory upgrading was kind of groovy, but you have a max accessory "point" capacity that you can't exceed. Accessories have a point value now, and you can't exceed it.

Level design isn't as linear as before. You have a jump button now. There are puzzles to solve. You get access to things like temporary hovering... field chocobos. You can throw Mog at treasure chests to have him loot them. There are some hidden items in the field you will be forced to uncover (worst part of the game).

Serah and Noel (your main characters) are... okay. I like their designs more than anything else. There's a free DLC costume for Serah.

The storytelling reminded me of Kingdom Hearts 2: you start off pretty strong storywise; you have a lot of development and interesting questions that you want answers to. Next, you have 95% of the game. A whole lot of almost entirely unnecessary nothing happens. Finally, you get to the end where stuff actually happens really fast... and then it's over.

There's a lot of extras and collecting to do. Trophy collecting will take a while. They recycled the uber bosses from FF13 and added one new one that's not all that when you're maxed out. DLC enemies are actual superbosses, but it's a ripoff.
#4tiornysPosted 12/22/2012 5:19:18 AM
Just a couple of things to address:
Veraxulous posted...
(plus Tonberry... I don't remember a Tonberry in 13, but I might be wrong about that).

Tonberry's in XIII. You just have to do the right mission to find him. ^_^

Mog clock (enemies on the field with a countdown until battle initiates) makes it nearly impossible to not get preemptive attacks on enemies (there's maybe one or two where it's difficult).

Preemptive strikes may be easy to get, but they're nerfed quite a bit from FFXIII's version. The chain starts at 120% instead of 90% of the way to staggering. You do get free Haste for 24 seconds, which is nice but not as strong as having nearly staggered enemies.