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4 years ago#1
In the holiday spirit, I bequeath to you the results of a thought experiment I had: how can the gameplay in this game be improved? Here is what I have so far covering various facets of battle mechanics and party balancing. This is just for fun, so I'm not looking to debate anyone about this. It's just something I threw together and hopefully an interesting read for you.

Restrictions on this hypothetical "patch":

- There will be no discussion of enemy or battle design, or issues of difficulty. The purpose of these tweaks is to improve balance solely on the party's side of battle.

- Ability changes are restricted to existing visual designs. That means no new abilities that would require new animations and no changes to animation speeds for any character or monster.

- No altering the fundamentals of the battle system. The "spirit" of each role must be maintained and adherence to general design philosophy of abilities is observed. The concepts of the Paradigm Pack are preserved, so we are still only restricted to three monster slots.

Remember that this is non-exhaustive, so it's just what I thought of first and would most like to see. There are also details missing where I don't really care to specify them because either they don't matter, I haven't thought them through, or I'm not interested.


a. Commandos

Remove Feeders, Chasers, Stagger: Wound and Stagger: Drain.

Armor Breaker and Mind Piercer can be transferred freely. These two abilities provide advantages too large to be exclusive to only a handful of COMs.

Jeopardize is no longer the bonus infusion ability, but a regular role ability and can be transferred.

Adrenaline is the new bonus infusion ability and cannot be transferred.

Ruinga cannot be transferred.

Blindside now changes Attack/Ruin modifier to 1.5 if the target is Provoked by a Sentinel (so it's the Provoked version of a Chaser).
It cannot be transferred.

The new priority of enhancements is the following:
Bloodthirsty > Blindside > Armor Breaker
Blindside > Mind Piercer

b. Ravagers

None at this time.

c. Sentinels

All modifiers for Entrench and Vendetta are tripled.

d. Saboteurs

Remove Endless Nightmare. It's a useless ability.

The modifiers for Wound and Woundga becomes 3.5 and 4.25 respectively if the target is staggered.

Add back Slow and Slowga as debilitations that function identically to how they did in FFXIII.

Specify a new physical ability, Gouge, using a basic physical attack animation.
- The base damage modifier is 0.7 with no Wound damage
- If the target has one debuff applied, the modifier becomes 2.0
- For each additional debuff applied after the first, the modifier changes by +0.1 (for a maximum modifier of 3.0 when 11 debuffs are applied: Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Poison, Curse, Slow, Pain, Fog, Debrave, Defaith, Daze)

Specify two new role abilities that enhances Gouge and bypass Dispel immunity.
1) Augment Feeder: removes most recently applied augment and transfers it to the SAB (duration: 60 secs). Gouge damage modifier becomes 6.0
2) Defense Feeder: removes most recently applied defense and transfers it to the SAB (duration: 60 secs). Gouge damage modifier becomes 6.0

Reintroduce Stagger: Wound as a role ability that enhances Gouge. The damage modifier becomes 1.0 if the target is staggered. Base Wound damage is 100%.

The enhancement priority for Gouge is:
Stagger: Wound > Augment Feeder > Defense Feeder

The SAB AI uses Gouge or Wound depending on stat bias (Strength or Magic) after all possible ailments have been inflicted.

e. Synergists

Vigilaga is an augment, not a defense (as it probably should be anyway).

f. Medics

The effects of Cheer are tripled.
4 years ago#2

Improved Debuffing, Improved Debilitation, and Augment Maintenance do not exist solely as red locks, thereby making them freely available for infusion transfer.

Improved Counter and Improved Counter II modifiers are increased to 250% and 500% respectively.

Remove Hindrance, Enfeeblement, and Jungle Law.

Introduce a new passive, Role Amplification (I'm not thrilled with this name but whatever). The effect is the same as Pack Mentality, but is triggered when all three monsters of a Paradigm Pack are of the same role.


a. Commando

Serah learns Mind Piercer at Level 99.
Noel learns Armor Breaker at Level 99.

b. Ravager

Serah learns Felflame at Level 98 and Felspark at Level 99.
Noel learns Felfrost at Level 98 and Felgust at Level 99.

c. Sentinel

Both characters now learn Reprieve at Level 99.

Serah's revised ability list:

Noel's revised ability list:
Element Guard

d. Saboteur

Serah's revised ability list:

Noel's revised ability list:
Same as Serah's, but single-target variants only and no Jinx.

Therefore, the only ailments that Serah and Noel do not have access to are Poison and Slow.

e. Synergist

Serah learns Enfire at Level 98 and Enthunder at Level 99.
Noel learns Enfrost at Level 98 and Enaero at Level 99.

f. Medic

None at this time.
4 years ago#3

Introduce two new weapons for Serah with the following passives:
Improved Debuffing II
Improved Counter II

Introduce two new weapons for Noel with the following passives:
Improved Guard II
Defense Maintenance II

Arcus Chronica and In Paradisum carry the following passives:
Break Damage Limit
Improved Stagger
Role Resonance


a. Commandos

Max Optimized Strength: 1134 -> ~850
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: No
Ruinga: No

Twilight Odin
Max Optimized Strength: 1189 -> ~6000
Bloodthirsty: Yes
Blindside: No
Ruinga: Yes
Learns Break Damage Limit [R] at Level 99.

Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: Yes
Ruinga: Yes

Golden Chocobo
Max Optimized Strength: 1000 -> ~1200
Bloodthirsty: Yes
Blindside: Yes
Ruinga: Yes

Max Optimized Strength: 773 -> ~2000
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: No
Ruinga: No

Max Optimized Strength: 1118 -> ~1400
Bloodthirsty: Yes
Blindside: No
Ruinga: No

Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: Yes
Ruinga: Yes

Max Optimized Magc: 1005 -> ~1400
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: Yes
Ruinga: Yes

Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: Yes
Ruinga: Yes

Bloodthirsty: Yes
Blindside: No
Ruinga: Yes

Max Optimized Strength: 1158 -> ~2000
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: No
Ruinga: No

Max Optimized Strength: 1044 -> ~1200
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: No
Ruinga: Yes

Max Optimized Magic: 994 -> ~2000
Bloodthirsty: No
Blindside: No
Ruinga: Yes

b. Ravagers

Tabasco Toad
Learns Power Link [R]

Learns Mana Link [R]

Feral Link changes to Friendly Fire (Faith, Enfire, Vigilance, Veil)

Feral Link changes to Friendly Fire (Faith, Enaero, Vigilance, Veil)

Feral Link changes to Friendly Fire (Faith, Enfrost, Vigilance, Veil)

Feral Link changes to Elemental Overdrive

c. Sentinels

Goblin Chieftain
Spirit Infusion no longer confers Bravery

d. Saboteurs

Becomes SYN, retains Feral Link

Gouge: Yes
Augment Feeder: Yes
Defense Feeder: Yes
Stagger: Wound: No

e. Synergists

Becomes SAB, retains Feral Link
Learns Ironstrike [R]

Purple Chocobo
Does not learn Augment Maintenance II

That's all I have for now.
4 years ago#4
can you add AI fixes?

AI syn doesnt cast enfire.enaero,enfrost,enwater when enemy not weak to element.
AI syn priotises the attack buff that matches enemy weakness so if weak vs magic then faith is cast or if normal physical but strong against magic then bravery is cast.
AI syn doesnt wait for buffs to be flashing before casting endless blessing, instead it casts endless blessings whenever idle, I would also buff endless blessing to +15 sec duration.
AI syn with boon tries to prioritise shorter duration buffs first so they get most advantage from boon effects.
4 years ago#5
Interesting read! I especially like how monster Sabs were attempted to be made more useful by giving them the nicer Com abilities. I also like how Serah and Noel gain the Fel- abilities and En- spells pertaining to their apparent element preference for -ras and -ga spells. I would've also liked to have seen more differentiation between Serah and Noel (beyond Serah gets Sab -gas, Noel gets Syn -gas; maybe Noel gets Pain, Serah gets Fog?) but admittedly that is more of a personal preference and not at all for the sake of balancing as you had intended.
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4 years ago#6
I'm on the same boat as LewdDolphin21. As it stand, players would have no inclination in using SYN Serah or SAB Noel. How about a more even ability distribution for SAB and SYN?

Transfer Serah's Deshellga and Fogga over to Noel. Maybe even make it so that only Serah can use Deprotect/Deprotega while Noel can use Deshell/Deshellga?

Transfer Noel's Shellga and Veilga over to Serah.
4 years ago#7
I agree that there should be a better way to balance Serah's and Noel's SAB/SYN, but I haven't spent enough time to come up with a "neat" enough solution, if you know what I mean.
4 years ago#8
Also, I'm fairly iffy on the Blindside change. I guess I don't really like the idea of completely altering an established mechanic. I do like the idea of a COM bonus against Provoked targets, but I didn't know what to call it other than ... Blindside.
4 years ago#9
I don't think Blindside need a change considering provoked foes generally doesn't target the blindsiding COM.

So the Chasers have been entirely removed? How about moving it to Medic role, it's the only role without auto-abilities. Basically, it boosts Magic when the allies are afflicted with certain ailments. Give (slightly) more incentive to use the monster MED over Serah and Noel.
4 years ago#10
I was going to ask about Blindside, actually. Does it still only bolster the first hit? It's not really a Chaser analog if so.
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