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4 years ago#1
If I get a save from here like the one labeled ultimate start save and put it on the ps3 can I save with it because I remember when I tried to use one for the original 13 it wouldn't let me save the progress I made on it
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4 years ago#2
You can try it out and answer your own question.

I don't know if the saves work.

If they don't, you can google hex editing for XIII-2. Not too difficult to do, all you need is a USB drive and to download a program.
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4 years ago#3
no i cant i dont have the game yet i was considering picking it up and i was just wondering this
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4 years ago#4
psn: zecrin website:
4 years ago#5
You should be able to save, but you won't be able to get any of the trophies. I tried the one with the max cp and I could save while I played through the game, which wasn't the case for FF XIII.

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