Leveling monsters - crystarium expansion

#1tls4gatorbaitPosted 1/4/2013 9:37:25 PM
I've been in a long hiatus from this game but after a few months I'm back and maybe I forgot some things. I'm at the end, right before the last episode.

I'm trying to level some good monsters like Chichu, Calautidon, Sazh, etc. but once I expand the crystarium I can't level them anymore. I don't know what materials I need, and I can't find a list of the materials needed anywhere like the wikia, the monster infusion guide, or searching this board. I have quite a few monster materials so I don't know what I could be missing. On the chocobo racing guide he mentions exactly how many potent orbs, essences, and droplets (or whichever are used) you need to max a silver or gold chocobo. I'm looking for something like that.

Is there a list of materials you need for each monster or am I mistaking something?
#2LioleiaPosted 1/5/2013 9:01:22 AM
Biological monsters need droplets, then slivers, then orbs, essences, and crystals.

Mechanical (or cybernetic) monsters need bolts, chips, engines, and then boosters and generators. I think boosters are the last one needed, but I don't recall right now.

If you're looking for a list of just how many are needed to max out one monster, you're out of luck. I don't think anybody has made one.