Fang and Vanille joining Project Crystallis for a live interview!

#1mixtopher1Posted 1/8/2013 9:41:04 PM
Chris here from Project Crystallis! I wanted to pass along our big announcement! I have succesfully booked both Rachel Robinson (Fang) and Georgia Van Cuylenburg (Vanille) to come on our streams, THIS WEEK.

Rachel will be appearing this Thursday at 6pm Mountain TIme. Georgia hasnt set a exact time but it will most likely be this Saturday.

Please help us spread the word! We are so very hard to gain a localized Type-0 and Versus XIII info from Square!

Our Twitch channel can be found here, please follow it! -

All schedule updates and other info can always be found on our Facebook. RIGHT now we are collecting questions you would like answered by Fang! -

Thank you all :)
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I'd appreciate it if you "Like" my page :) -
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Slightly less than two hours to go!
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