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User Info: Cammy_7

4 years ago#1
So just this morning I attempted to get the lucky coin fragment and I bought exactly 7777 coins. And so I went to the slots and did auto play. And I believe maybe 2 hours in ( rough estimate as I was preoccupied with doing something else) I check back and I get the lucky coin fragment! I was pretty surprised because as I was reading other related topics I see how some people had a hard time obtaining it. Seeing that its based on luck I guess I got really lucky!

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#2
Chances are better, if you have a file of FF13 and play when the slot machine is "on a hot summer's day".
I don't know how long it took me, but this fragment is so bad because you need to be lucky. As the name implies. Duh.
Still, I think finding every monster is even worse.


4 years ago#3
It was pretty easy. I was skeptical at first and it was super easy. I agree, getting the beastiary completed is much harder. My two problems were yomi and raspital.. I eventually took them out but they were a pain. Lucky coin is so easy.
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User Info: levelmaster2

4 years ago#4
I was laughing when I got three 9 on Super Victory mode on auto-play. Me: Good, now I will no longer have to mess with the slots. Then I realized I have to earn 10,000 coins for a trophy. Great.
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