um, WTH is Dajh *SPOILERS*

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  3. um, WTH is Dajh *SPOILERS*

User Info: enigmatic alex

enigmatic alex
4 years ago#1
still like 4 years old? does he not age since being de-crystallized?
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User Info: jo_sean06

4 years ago#2
There were stories around where right after the fall Dajh and Sazh went on a journey and got stuck in a place where time doesn't flow.
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User Info: Yuna Fan

Yuna Fan
4 years ago#3
Lazy developing, really. It happened with Lulu in FFX-2, too.
With "Sin" gone I thought the peaceful days would last forever... - Yuna; FFX-2
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  3. um, WTH is Dajh *SPOILERS*

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