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4 years ago#1
I've noticed that the monsters you obtain have different "descriptions" associated with them, such as "Oily", "Cute", "Hearty", "Precious", etc.

Here is a picture of an example (Pulsework Soldier) with the "descriptions" on the top right of the picture:

I have no idea what these descriptions represent. What do they mean? Do they have any sort of effect on the monster itself, or are they simply just to give the monster some "personality"?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks guys!
4 years ago#2
Not sure.

But I know that Hearty ones grow in HP faster, so If you feed them vitality items they'll get huge hp.
Same for "Strong" ones and power items.
4 years ago#3
Some of the descriptions shows the monster's resistances (e.g. Hexproof monster are more resistant against Curse) as well as the weakness (e.g. Flameprone monsters are more vulnerable to fire).
4 years ago#4
Interesting, so they do have an effect on the monsters themselves.

Do all monsters always have the same descriptions no matter how many times you obtain one? For example, does the Pulse Soldier always have "Well-Grown", "Stoic", and "Oily"?

This is just an assumption, but it would seem that the descriptions indicate which passive abilities that monster will learn. Or am I completely wrong on this? >.<

For example again, the Pulse Soldier is "Stoic" therefor it learns "Resist Physical +15%" (Level 3). It is also "Oily" therefor it also learns "Defense Maintenance" (Level 18).

And for the Pulse Knight which is "Hearty", it learns "HP +25%" (Level 20).

Another example is Svarog which is "Flameproof" therefor it learns "Resist Fire +45%" (Level 54), while also being "Vicious" therefor learning "Quick Stagger" (Level 12) and "Stagger Maintenance II" (Level 76).

There are still so many that I do not understand though, such as "Spicy" which, for instance, Flanbanero is. Seriously? Spicy?!?! Wat da fak??? O.o
Possibly the combination of Fire magic and "Magic +25%" (Level 52) or maybe even the combination of Fire magic and Wind magic that Flanbanero can learn. I have no idea. My head hurts. x.x

Anyways, I suppose my question would be "Do monster's descriptions indicate which passive abilities that monster will learn?"

Any help is much appreciated you guys! Thanks so much as well, hopefully I was at least a tiny bit clear on these questions. >.<
4 years ago#5
Yes, the descriptions are the same for each monster, even if you release and capture another one.

The monster will always have one of the these three description to indicate their growth rate:
"Early Peaker" - Can be upgraded to level 20 (13 for DLC monsters)
"Well-Grown" - Can be upgraded to level 40
"Late Bloomer" - Can be upgraded up to level 99

As for the description indicating the type of passive abilities monster learns, I'm not too sure about that.
4 years ago#6
This is what I could dig up online, that might help:

Gives a brief explanation of all monster abilities.
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