Taming Chocobos...Game is trolling me...

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Ok, I swear the game is messing with me. Seriously, get this: I got BOTH the Purple and Red Chocobos after only fighting each of them two times each, i.e I got both of them on my second attempt. Easy peasy. But with the Green and Blue Chocobos, I've fought BOTH of them 20 times in a row, getting 5 star ratings and killing them with a 300+% Feral Link ability every time, and the game STILL won't give me their crystals! But wait, it gets weirder!: Out of those 4 Chocobos, I fought them in this order: Purple, Green, Red, Blue. In other words, it's almost like it alternates between being easy and impossible to catch a Chocobo for each new type of Chocobo I fight (not counting the regular Yellow ones, which I keep getting multiple copies of which is actually rather annoying, since I don't need them...). It all just seems a bit too much to be just random coincidence, but oh well...

I'm happy about getting the Purple and Red Chocobos of course, but the Blue one is the one I REALLY want, since I already have a maxed out Gremlin, Garchimakera (or whatever it's called), and Circuitron at hand, ready to infuse into the guy, so I can get Blizzara and Blizzaga, Fira and Firaga, and Thundara and Thundaga for him right off the bat. I can live without the Green Chocobo, especially since there's always the White one anyway. I don't want to wait until after I've gotten the Monster Collector Fragment Skill, and then try again. That's still probably far off, and considering I've only been able to get all the fragments in 2 of the locations in the game so far (and both of those only had 1 fragment...), there's a good chance I won't be able to get all the ones in the Vile Peaks anyway, unless I close the gates and replay them or something, which I'd like to avoid...
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tc has never heard of them
also rng
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You can also increase your chances with a fragment skill.
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You could try using Twilight Odin or Cactuar's feral links. They go up waaaaay past 300% (999 for TO and 777 for Cactuar).
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Twilight Odin's Feral Link can go up to 999%. Also if you get the monster collector fragment, it will increase the chance of obtaining monster crystals by 20%
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GenocideHeart posted...
You could try using Twilight Odin or Cactuar's feral links. They go up waaaaay past 300% (999 for TO and 777 for Cactuar).

The monster taming formula caps the feral links at 300%. So Odin and Cactuar aren't your best bet for hard to catch monsters.
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Lol, yesterday when I changed the weather from cloudy/windy to sunny/clear, and went to the Clearwater Marshes again, I encountered the Blue Chocobo two times in a row, and tamed him on the second try....I'm happy that I got him at last of course, but I'm annoyed at how much I tried without luck, and then when I change the weather, it's suddenly easy? Grumble....Also, the guy's stats are crap at this stage, and it takes forever to turn him into a good useful monster, so I guess infusing other RAV monsters into him will have to wait...sigh...I think I'm gonna wait with capturing the Green one too, I'm in no hurry with getting him. I don't have that Fragment Skill you guys are talking about yet, and I also don't have Twilight Odin or Cactuar yet. I haven't gotten that far yet lol. I only just finished the Steppe.

Also, Le_Derpstick, I'm sorry, but I didn't even understand 50% of what you just said..."tc"? "rng"? :-/
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RNG is the Random Number Generator. It's basically the dice roll the computer uses to determine if something succeeds.
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I see...