First time I'm doing anything with monster infusion, have a question

#1AshphantomPosted 2/3/2013 12:16:13 AM(edited)
I'm following the racing white chocobo guide here:

8) Infuse a Lv1 Cactuar to gain Critical: Bravery.
9) Repeat for a Yellow Lock.
12) Infuse a Lv22 Goblin Chieftain to gain Kill: Libra and Resist Fire +10%.
13) Repeat for two Yellow Locks.
14) Infuse a Lv5 Microchu to gain Critical: Vigilance.
15) Infuse a Lv10 Goblin Chieftain to unlock Resist Fire +10%.
16) Infuse a Lv5 Microchu to Yellow Lock Critical: Vigilance.
17) Infuse a Lv1 Metalligantuar to knock Resist Fire +10% off the list and gain Hindrance.

Now my question is, instead of finding a second cactuar (Already infused the first) could I instead infuse a red chocobo to yellow lock the Critical:Bravery since they're a lot faster to find? I looked at the infusion guide a bit and it seems like the Critical: Vigilance, and Hindrance are both higher ranks than the Resist Fire + 45% that would come with the red chocobo, so would I be able to do that instead with no drawbacks?

Edit: I actually caught a cactuar in a reasonable amount of time this time. Also, since the likelihood of me recruiting a metalligantuar anytime soon is little to none, I'll probably level up my white chocobo to 99 after step 16. It learns magic +20% as a passive, which is rank 5. That should knock out the fire resistance, which I can then knock out with the rank 6 Hindrance once I capture a metalligigantuar, right?
#2MightyGebPosted 2/3/2013 4:19:24 AM
I haven't looked onto this in depth, going by your observations alone, and it sounds like you got the hang of it. Even if you are wrong, pretty much every passive infusion mistake can be fixed in some way - if it comes down to that, I'll put a bit more effort into helping.

Also saving is awesome, and it sometimes seems people ignore that feature a bit. Use it.
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