This is why I'm glad this game isn't any harder...

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4 years ago#1
I've been farming flan type enemies with yakshini and I noticed something...

At the start of battle he casts bravega........yet flan enemies tend to be resistant to physical attacks. He does this even with a filled out "Libra" so to speak. I have absolutely no control or input over his actions. Let's pretend for a second that there were some really difficult flan type enemies where wasting a turn casting the wrong thing could lead to your death and/or an overly long fight thereby ruining your 5* rating and hence your drop rate, etc.

Notice that there is no complex level of AI control to fix this issue. If the game had harder enemies with ALL other things being the same.......this game would end up being an unplayable POS.

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4 years ago#3
Bravery and Faith AI tends to depend on which character you're controlling and what your Paradigm is. The priority is: COM > RAV > SEN > (?) SAB > SYN > MED, and leader > support. So either a) if you're controlling Noel and Noel's and Serah's roles are the same, switching to Serah will likely prioritize Faithga over Bravega, or b) using a Paradigm like Decimation, COM/RAV/SYN, with Serah as the COM, will have a similar effect.
4 years ago#4
that sounds cool.......but in all these attempts, I've been controlling a highly magic oriented Serah. Even if I wasn't, the fact that I'm facing an enemy that is KNOWN to be resistant to physical attacks should be enough for the AI to cast Faithga...........or I should be able to have some sort of complex degree of AI control.

Yet still he casts Bravega...
I can't write coherent sentences, so I use pictures. - MourningReigns
4 years ago#5
Yeah. This is the main flaw with the FFXIII battle concept. No matter what you do, you will never have full control over two thirds of your party. People can say what they want about FFXII playing itself, but at least there you had the choice to have as much or as little control as you wanted, every aspect of the automation was under your control, and you could override it with direct commands at any point. I would love to see gambits come back with the ability to set multiple configurations into decks for on the fly switching.
4 years ago#6
^I agree. Sometimes I wonder if FFXII`s gambits were too smart for their time. I've played too many games now where I have either no control or very little control (attack, defend, heal). When a game starts to get much harder and more complex you need a much more complex structure to control things with. Gambits really were brilliant.
I can't write coherent sentences, so I use pictures. - MourningReigns
4 years ago#7
At that the gambits were simplified quite a bit from the original design for them, I'd have loved to have been able to use the original system, which would have let you be able to program your own AI every bit as complex as any monsters.

But I'm a coder, so I'm happy with that sort of thing. And I never activated gambits for my lead character so I never got the feeling that the game was playing itself. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you MUST do it.

4 years ago#8
Why do you even bother with syn/sab outside protect and shell on Noel?
Buffing/debuffing was made intentionally pointless in this game.
Base duration for faith/brave is 40 seconds.
Base duration for even Protectga is 30 seconds.
Base duration for Bravega is 15 seconds.
Any time spend on this is wasted because buffs only pay off in the long run, in the short run damage/healing is always better.
This game takes away the long run effect for all but 2 or 3 buffs and forces you to manually cast single target versions cause the ai will only use useless multi target version.

The only way to raise duration of the buffs is by building up a chain gauge on your own characters which takes so long that by the time you are ready to cast a brage that does not disappear in seconds, the fight would be over with a com/com/com paradigm and maybe some quick healing.

This is some of the worst game design in any game ever.
ESPECIALLY cause FXIII was one of the only 2 main series FF games where buffing is really important (other is FXII).
4 years ago#9
Starting at Yaschas Massif 010 AF, recruit a Gahongas and put it into your starting Paradigm. Even a single application of Bravery or Faith on your leader on the first turn before shifting to Cerberus will prove to be much more efficient than Cerberusing the entire fight. It's simple math, really.

And with the properly built SYN, Bravery or Faith can last upwards of three minutes. Even the -ga versions can last over a minute.
4 years ago#10
I've got to totally agree with Arthellinus here. I remember struggling in a few fights before I got Yakshini. Then I went back and fought those same fights without leveling up,and it made all the difference in the world. I went from nearly dying to completely obliterating my opponents.

Granted, Yakshini doesn't always select the most useful thing at first, thereby costing me some time...but I wouldn't want to fight without him.
I can't write coherent sentences, so I use pictures. - MourningReigns
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