Are you encouraged to buy items and weapons in this game unlike FFXIII?

#1XSlittle_masterPosted 2/3/2013 8:57:38 PM
I already have quite a lot of gil 4 hours into the game and just met Chocolina for the first time. The weapons in her inventory are better than my weapons. Is it worth buying from her and does the game encourage you to buy stuff? Because in FFXIII, gil was really hard to come by and you could make do with the weapons and items that you collect in treasures and by defeating enemies.
#2ArmaLeyvatenPosted 2/3/2013 9:08:55 PM
The weapons Chocolina sells can help if you're struggling, but ultimately the best weapons in the game are drops off of bosses in a certain area. The weapons you find in treasure spheres along the way should be more than enough for completing the story. For the Non-DLC "superbosses" the weapon drops will go a long way towards making them very easy.
#3xnoelzPosted 2/3/2013 10:06:41 PM
The only weapons worth buying post game are Mac an Luin and Sagittarius IMO.
#4Rakhal_SWardenPosted 2/4/2013 7:10:48 AM
You will find plenty of use for your gil once you start developing your monsters :)