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4 years ago#1
Ok I have never played a Final Fantasy game in my life, graphically these look amazing and would like to give one a try. My question is, do I need to play the old games? I keep hearing everyone say that FF VII is the best one ever. Do they have a story that needs to be followed? Can I just go and buy the most recent game and have fun or do I really have to buy every single game in the series?

Any clarification to this would be great, and also any recommendation on which game to buy first would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
4 years ago#2
There is no story that needs to be followed and no need to play the older games before playing the newer ones. You can just jump straight in with FFXIII-2 if you like, though that IS a continuation (sort of) of FFXIII. However there is no connection between FFXIII and any of the previous FF games.

Having said that, many of the older games ARE extremely good and are well worth playing in their own right.

4 years ago#3
Thank you very much for your help, are the games actually any good, as I have been told they are like Pokemon but with people and monsters etc, is this right? Just you always hear about them but having never played them I have nothing to base it on. Worth buying?
4 years ago#4
Well I think they are worth buying of course, but I've been playing jRPGS (and Final Fantasy) for 20+ years :). I've never played Pokemon though, but from what I hear it's a lot more simple than your standard jRPG. Standard attributes would be characters that start of weak and that over the course of a game can be developed to become far more powerful. Generally in a jRPG you will end up saving the world, or a least a nation :). There's a large selection of opponents often including a few really tough super-bosses. There is normally more to do that JUST battle, there is an element of exploration, of finding out secrets and often mini-games of various sorts (for instance FFX has chocobo riding, ligtning dodging, butterfly dodging and an underwater football type game called Blitzball. There is normally a story and you should get to understand and be able to relate to the characters.

If these things are things you'd like then you probably will like a jRPG, if most of them don't interest you then maybe this isn't your genre

You could try renting one of the more recent FF games to give it a try?


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