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Magic based Serah & Noel

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4 years ago#1
Has anyone focused on raising magic for both Serah and Noel? I'm starting a new playthrough and wondering if this setup works well. I know that Serah is already an excellent mage. The reason I want to focus on Noel's magic is because of his synergist and medic abilities. I also just want to try something different.
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4 years ago#2
Yes, this works very well. You lose a bit of chaining potential with magic Noel but gain damage output.
4 years ago#3
I raised a magic Noel (but with a strength Serah). I'll be honest I'm not sure about the big differences, but the only real problem I found myself with is finding good weapons for them. There are some out there but not as abundant as most focus on raising Noel's physical attacks.
4 years ago#4
Magic Noel's raw Magic is actually about 30 points higher than physical Noel's raw Strength, so don't let that dissuade you.
4 years ago#5
How does Synergist rely on the Magic stat?
4 years ago#6
BardWannabe posted...
How does Synergist rely on the Magic stat?

Magic increases the duration of a Synergist's buffs.

4 years ago#7
^Hmm. I don't think the game ever makes that explicit. Good to know! I assumed the buff durations were fixed.
4 years ago#8
Thanks for the responses. The only trouble I have right now is to remember to reverse most of what the Crystarium Progression Guide says for Noel and keep track of where I am on the crystarium.

@Bard: I did not know about the buff durations being based on magic either until checking the FFXIII boards while playing that game. I just checked out the manuals for both FFXIII and FFXIII-2. Neither mention the effect of the magic stat for a synergist's buffs. The same goes for the datalog for FFXIII-2.
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4 years ago#9
I went with a Magic Noel and a Strength Serah on my first playthrough. I'm...not really sure why. I mean, it has its merits, obviously, but on my first playthrough it was less obvious, especially with a few errors in Crystarium growth (I understood how it worked from the boards and the demo) so he didn't get maximum points. I essentially left them with the relevant stat +30% weapons and went on my way.
4 years ago#10
There's actually not really any merit to playing STR Serah with MAG Noel. That's probably the least efficient way to play the game. If you did it for fun, great, but as far as the numbers go, you'd lag behind everyone. Serah is built for magic, and her physical attacks can't surpass it.

MAG Serah with MAG Noel is perhaps the second best setup since magic can easily outstrip strength, but if you just do it for MED and SYN on Noel, you wasted your time. Noel is a crap SYN with no good buffs and you're doing something wrong if you need that much of a magic boost for a MED. Again, if it's just for fun, ignore what I said, but for efficiency, you're losing a bit.

MAG Serah and STR Noel is pretty much the most efficient combination in the game, and by design at that. Now that's not to say it's the best for every single monster in the game, but if you take the totality of the game, they're the best. You have Noel for monsters that resist magic and vice versa. You still have a good Smite and Scourge, and Serah can spam Ruin to excellent results. If you talk about endgame with everyone maxed, well, just about any setup will demolish all but a handful of endgame monsters.
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