Snow help?

#1basedgoddessPosted 2/14/2013 2:04:04 PM
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how do I beat Snow? it's not his Sovereign Fist that's the problem (i know how to counter that), it's that he takes next to no damage when i shift to Cerberus after staggering him. he also hits ridiculously hard, so turtling and spamming Wound isn't really a practical option either. i remember someone saying that they had to reinstall the DLC for this fight to be manageable in the slightest, but i think they were talking about him not responding to Provoke...

my party consists of maxed out/infused COM Lightning, Sazh, and Bunkerbeast. Serah and Noel are both 99 on all roles with 158/160 Odinbolt and Odinblade.