Valfodr Lv.99 trouble... Maybe Arthellinus (or others) can help?

#1DreamGoddess1Posted 2/14/2013 11:29:48 PM
Got my Platinum but Valfodr Lv.99 is destroying me. I tried all sorts of methods like offensive, defensive, Ally KO: Power Surge II, all of it, and I can't get him.

When he powers up, I die. Haste and Bravery are the problem.

I watched your video, Arthellinus, but it's hard to track what exactly is going on and when. One thing is about Dispel. When I was trying it on my own, I would try to Dispel Haste, Bravery, and Faith to no avail. It just seemed like Dispel doesn't want to work, and I'd only get one round off before needing to heal.

I'm maxed out with everything and I've been using V. Light, Lightning, and Yakshini. How do I get Dispel to work as quickly as you got those buffs off of him? I know your run used no DLC, but I thought that V. Light would actually do better than Chichu, and that Yakshini could keep up buffs.

What am I doing wrong here? How do I stop his buffs?
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#2ArthellinusPosted 2/14/2013 11:33:18 PM
Chichu has Bravery and Faith Feeder. That's why Dispel works; you're only trying to get rid of Haste after Chichu has already eaten Bravery and Faith.
#3DreamGoddess1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/15/2013 6:28:12 AM
Thanks a ton. Never thought Chichu would be better than V. Light. I'd never used him before! With what you said and showed, I got him first try. Thanks a ton!
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