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4 years ago#1
Hello all,

I'd been trying to get this trophy. I pretty much spent over 50k coins on slot leaving it chuggin' on auto all night a few nights ago. Of course when I came out of the machine, the trophy didn't show. From what I've read, you need to have 10k+ coin in profit...

So let me ask you, whoever is knowledgeable about this trophy, should I start all over? As in, start a new file and go through the story all over again, get to Serendipity and then do it the right way (which is the chocobo racing)?

Or does the net total ever reset?

Please, someone, clarify this for me. I do not want to start a new file.
4 years ago#2
You don't have to start a new file to do chocobo racing. With your file's resources right now it shouldn't be too hard to develop a silver or gold chocobo for the task. You wouldn't be taking THAT much longer with chocobo racing to get the trophy if you did it with the file you're currently on.
4 years ago#3
So is getting 10k profit with chocobo racing separate from getting profits from slots?

Because in this case, I'd spent 50k or so, and that means my net total would be -50,000 coins. Does that mean I have to make up for all of it in chocobo racing, or can I just get 10k coins in one sitting by racing chocobos and boom, there's the trophy?
4 years ago#4
Net gain of 10k. If you start with 50k, you should end up with 60k for the trophy to pop I believe. You would also need to play the slots for a fragment.
4 years ago#5
You would still need the 60k, but with a racing build that can win races every single time it should fly by. I would guess a time, but I'm bad at guessing.
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