Final Fantasy XIII-2 Piano Collections Project

#1paulowirthPosted 2/22/2013 1:39:33 PM
Hello everyone.

Last year, I've started a project to create a full Piano Collections album for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Since we may never get the official stuff... I've started to rearrange some tracks I carefully picked.

If you are interested, please, take your time and have a listen:

I've planned 13 tracks for this project and currently four of them are available @ YouTube. Here's the partial tracklist:

1) Wish/Knight of The Goddess
2) Plains of Eternity
3) Caius's Theme
4) Yeul's Theme

Well, I hope you like it and support the project (no charges ahahah rest assured), and when I mean by support is to share with friends who appreciate the soundtrack, rate the songs, comment and subscribe. Spread the word.

It is very challenging to make the pieces sound like an authentic piano collections, but the ones who already listened seem to like the tracks.

And I hope you like them too.

Take care.