Question on possible max stats for Serah/Noel

#1Nazgath91Posted 2/27/2013 2:02:12 PM
I dug up some old discussions about the most optimal ways to level up. Well, I decided to abandon that, since it was too intricate for me.

I started wondering what are the highest and lowest possible max stats for Serah and Noel? (Doesn't have to be an accurate number, just something in the right direction)

I'm just wondering if it's really even possible to screw up the stats.
#2MightyGebPosted 2/27/2013 2:10:57 PM(edited)
There are up to 390 points of Magic and 292 points of Strength that can be lost through "poor" leveling. I think this number changes very slightly dependent on the character you're talking about, but I'm just going to work with "standard" builds (Strength Noel, Magic Serah).

A Strength Noel has 559 - 851 base Strength, meaning a poorly leveled one has about 66% the potential physical power of a well leveled one.

A Magic Serah has 490 - 880 base Magic, meaning a poorly leveled one has about 56% the potential magic power of a well leveled one.

In a full 6 ATB chain, a weak Noel will do 0.66*6 = 3.96 - weaker than a 4 attack chain from a strong Noel.

In a full 6 ATB chain, a weak Serah will do 0.56*6 = 3.36 - a bit stronger than a 3 attack chain from a strong Serah.
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#3ArthellinusPosted 2/27/2013 2:19:53 PM
Geb has summarized the effects for you but here are the raw numbers.

The base stats at maxed Crystarium no matter what you do are:

HP 6607
Strength 402
Magic 490

HP 8550
Strength 559
Magic 407

You have 197 large node bonuses, each of which can be the following:
+6 HP (max 197/197)
+2 Strength (max 146/197)
or +2 Magic (max 195/197 for Serah, 196/197 for Noel)

HP-optimized Serah
HP 7789 (~18% increase from base)
Strength 402
Magic 490

HP-optimized Noel
HP 9732 (~14% increase from base)
Strength 559
Magic 407

Strength-optimized Serah (assuming Magic is chosen for the extra 51 bonuses)
HP 6607
Strength 694 (~73% increase from base)
Magic 592

Strength-optimized Noel (assuming Magic is chosen for the extra 51 bonuses)
HP 8550
Strength 851 (~52% increase from base)
Magic 509

Magic-optimized Serah
HP 6607 (6619 if HP is chosen for the two remaining bonuses)
Strength 402 (406 if you choose Strength for the two remaining bonuses)
Magic 880 (~80% increase from base)

Magic-optimized Noel
HP 8550 (8556 if HP is chosen for the one remaining bonus)
Strength 559 (561 if Strength is chosen for the one remaining bonus)
Magic 799 (~96% increase from base)

In summary:
1. HP optimization is inferior to Strength or Magic optimization
2. Not optimizing to Strength or Magic can cost you potentially a ton of damage output and combat effectiveness
#4TeslaCoi1Posted 2/27/2013 5:56:28 PM
Craaaap, I didn't know about this! >_< I just kept upgrading the roles I most wanted the next new ability for, and once I had all of the ones available for all 6 roles, I just upgraded in a way to make all the roles reach the same level...I think I only have the last Stage of the Crystarium left before my Serah and Noel are both maxed...Dammit...It was much better in XIII where there was no danger of loosing stats through crystarium upgrading...This sucks, suddenly finding out that I've missed out on a lot of Strength and Magic.
#5SunburstPosted 2/27/2013 6:26:24 PM
You'll still be ok though, Tesla. I wouldn't restart my game over it.
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#6TeslaCoi1Posted 2/27/2013 6:40:18 PM
Yeah, I hope so. I wasn't going to start over on the game though, that would be crazy, considering I've been playing for 140 hours so far. : p I've spent a lot of time farming for monster materials, upgrading my monsters into badasses. I really wish I didn't have to though, I hate farming. In XIII it was the damn Adamantoise and getting Adamantites and Trapezohedrons...Here it's monster materials...One thing I really liked about Xenoblade Chronicles was that I didn't have to spend endless amounts of time killing the same monsters over and over again just for the sake of farming for any materials, and I could still fully develop all my characters into ultimate badasses in all areas. I wish all JRPG's, and RPG's in general, were like that.
#7SunburstPosted 2/27/2013 7:01:49 PM
Yeah, I don't like boring farming either. But I do enjoy having overpowered characters. :)
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#8Nazgath91(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2013 2:29:15 AM
So as long as I prioritize magic for Serah and Strength for Noel on the big nodes, I'm fine.

In other words it won't matter if I make a few poor choices, as long as the above is my priority. Is this correct?
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