Ok so any tips for beginners? Crystarium, what monsters to level up, fragments.

#1HellsingOrgPosted 3/21/2013 2:02:30 AM
Is there anything I should focus on more for levelling up in the crystarium?
What about bonuses, which should I choose?

Which are the best battle monsters to use and when should I start levelling them up and stuff?

If I want to beat the game do I need to get all fragments?
If I don't get them all will I not get the best ending or something?

any other tips or thinks I should do?
Any missables that are must haves?

Thanks to whomever can help me :)
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#2ArmaLeyvatenPosted 3/21/2013 8:34:25 AM
1)The bonuses you get from the crystarium for Serah and Noel work much differently from the bonuses monsters get. For Serah and Noel you only get a bonus every time you level up on a large node, and depending on which role you level up on that large node the bonus is different. The Crystarium guide in the FAQ section covers it all very well.

2)Different monsters become more useful as the game progresses. To start with, though, Albino Lobo is probably going to last you the longest from the start of the main story to the end. It is rare to find, though, without a certain fragment skill (you'll learn about these as you progress through the story), so don't get your head down if you can't find one. Pretty much every monster in the first area is replaceable with something else.

As you progress through the story you'll want to look out for several monsters though: Dragoon, Cloudburst, Goblin Chieftain, Chichu, Yakshini, and Cactuar are all very good for main and post-game, though Dragoon lags behind Chichu and Cactuar.

3)It's impossible to get all fragments before you beat the main story for the first time. The reason is after you beat the main story you get an item that helps you collect the rest of the fragments, and after you get all 160 fragments you unlock a secret ending after beating the final boss again.

4)The only missable thing in the game is an adornment you get in the Archylte Steppes area for answering a Live Trigger event. Depending on your answer you get one of two adornments, and due to a bug you can't reset the area later to answer it again to get the other one. Adornments don't really add anything to combat though except for looks, so it's hardly something to worry about unless you're a completionist.

Other than that don't be afraid to choose monsters you WANT to use over monsters that outperform them. That's one of the beauties of the game and should never be taken away just because someone said, "Haha, you chose to use Cait Sith? You suck!!"
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Just going to copy + paste an older post I made:

"One thing I'm gonna get out of the way is it doesn't REALLY matter what you use for early/mid story as long as it's an early peaker or well-grown monster and you level them enough. These monsters will make things a little easier on you though:

Pulse Knight (SEN), Munchkin (COM), and Buccaboo (RAV), they're all "early peakers"
(easy to get to max level and are great monsters to use for the story). Get these three ASAP.

Flanitor (MED), Goblin Chieftain (SEN), Cactuar (COM), and Cloudburst (RAV) are "well-grown" and are easier to level than "late bloomers", but a bit harder than early peakers. *Once you get GC, level him up till his health is higher than Pulse Knight, and replace PK.* Another good RAV for the story is Albino Lobo (he's great early, but falls behind for awhile until you're able to buy higher tier Mana materials).
Major Moblin (SEN) is also a good SEN, but you get him at the same time Goblin is available, and Goblin is better.

A lot of the best monsters are better left for post-game (and easier because they're late bloomers and too costly to level during the story).

Some monsters to level for post-game: Chichu (COM) and Pulse Gladiator (SEN) are late bloomers and Chichu is probably the best COM in the game, along with COM Lightning, but who is is DLC. (I prefer Cactuar as my COM though).

Cactuar, Goblin Chieftain, and Cloudburst are all good for main-game, along with post-game. DLC characters: Lighting (RAV), Lighting (COM), Snow (SEN), and Sazh (SYN) are also great too.

I pretty much left out SYNs and SABs because they're not as useful as the other roles in this game as they were in the first.


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Since we're copy/pasting, I'll add my rebuttal to Jkickit's claim that SYNs are not as useful as other roles:

Monster SYNs are vital to optimized and efficient play. One of the reasons that Goblin Chieftain is so good (and Cloudburst) is because of the SYN-like Feral Link it possesses. Here's a good discussion on the topic of what contributions each monster role brings and their relative merits: http://etrosgate.com/ffxiii-2/overview/paradigm-packs

Good SYNs to grab during the story are Gahongas (early), Yakshini, and Sahagin Prince. For Postgame, Yakshini and Purple Chocobo are your best choices.
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tiornys, bro fight me 1 v 1.

love ya.
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Question in what roles should I level up Serah and Noel?

I mean should I just focus on Ravager and Commando roles for both?
Or focus on one role more than the other?

Is it important for them to learn Medic and Synergist roles too?
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#7tiornysPosted 3/26/2013 4:30:05 AM
Personally, I like to open up SYN for Noel and SAB for Serah, followed by MED for both. I focus on acquiring abilities over advancing a role just to level it up.

If you care about optimal stats, you should read the Crystarium Progression Guide before leveling. If you just care about playing for fun, don't worry about it.