chain bonus boost II bad on coms

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3 years ago#1
I been analysing again chain boost lvl5 weapons for noel/serah vs chain bonus boost II on monster's.

On noel/serah it seems to add a fixed % to the attacks so eg. if using sab/com on serah it is extremely effective eg. against ispusteke which has 100% chain resistance its almost as effective as using a rav without chain bonus boosts. I think this has led to people thinking its great to use on monster coms and I see it in the monster faq on com monsters.

However on monster coms it seems to add a % based on the chain bonus boost already inficted. So as such its a bad idea on monster com's.

eg. my com lightning with chain bonus boost II using ruin's against ispusteke simply cannot increase the chain bonus at all not even 0.1%, only maintain it. Whilst serah with ruin's increases it by 1.5% per hit. (with chain boost lvl 5 weapon).

Searching I find very little info actually almost none at all on chain bonus boost II algorithm, simply discussions of it been added to monster builds.
3 years ago#2
obviously if I have misunderstood how this skill works anyone is welcome to correct me.

eg. this post. conflicts with my discovery.
3 years ago#3
ruin 1.5% per hit from serah regardless if lightning (with CBII) is in paradgrim or not, so I cannot repeat the claim made in that other post.
3 years ago#4
Chain Bonus Boost II is is not bad on COMs if you have room for it. CBBII is a Base modifier and such is affected by the chain resistance of the enemy. So against anything with 100 chain resistance such as Ispusteke, it will add nothing to the chain guage until the target is staggered. Against an enemy with 60 chain resistance (Raspatil), it will add 0.8 the gauge. Chain Bonus Lv 5 is not affected by chain resistance, so it will usually always add its full value per hit (1.5 for Serah, 0.75 for Noel). CBBII is definitely inferior to CB lv 5 but that does not make it useless. ~~~ The Gameplay Nexus for Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy
3 years ago#5
how much does it add when no chain resistance?
3 years ago#6
Base Modifier values:

CBB = +1.0
CBBII = +2.0
Jeopardize = +1.0
Vigor = +1.0
Overwhelm = +1.0-2.0
RAV role bonus = +1.0-4.5

These are all added to an ability's base chain value then modified by chain resistance. ~~~ The Gameplay Nexus for Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy
3 years ago#7
ok thanks this is very useful info, no idea how you got those values but is useful and these are in any of the FAQ's?

and as you said earlier the weapon bonus's are immune to chain resistance.

so basically when staggered CBII will add more than chain boost lvl 5?

I staggered ispusteke had to be quick tho as was dieing.

lightning with CBII added about 3 per hit but serah then was adding about 5 per hit. both as coms using attack (not ruin).

not trivial to just remove CBII but I will test this with an earlier save before I infused lightning to see what she does without CBII when he is staggered.
3 years ago#8
That info is from the Ultimania and also reproduced here: : the only low-spec Valfodr Lv. 70 fight on YouTube
3 years ago#9
I dont see it on that page.

lightning still does 2.0 when staggered without cbII so my testing is showing in absolute best case scenario (no chain resistance) cbII is giving 1.0 per hit.

However on a rav it gives 4.0 per hit extra. when not staggered. So my initial feeling seems correct its based on what is already been inflicted rather than a bonus ignoring role etc.
3 years ago#10
You have to click "SHOW" on the spoiler box to make the table visible. Chain Bonus Boost II does not depend on the ability used. There are numerous reasons why you could be seeing a larger bonus on a Rav, and I can't say which it is without seeing it myself.
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