Bestiary Monster List for the Proff. quest in Google Docs ( Excel ) *update*

#1SilentOkamiPosted 4/16/2013 5:06:39 PM
Just an update because I noticed people completely broke the spreadsheet I put up. This is a spreadsheet free to edit by all in Google Docs. Just use sheet 2 and search by location or monster type to make your hunting easier. I set it to an older revision and I will play with the settings/format later to clean things up a little and possibly make it tamper proof it people keep breaking it. There is probably better out there since I made this when the game out, but it is still useful.


Also I recommend the Monster Crystarium Spreadsheets ( made by FF13_2_Drift ) to go along with this for silly over preparedness. You can find the spreadsheet here in .ods format:

You will most likely need OpenOffice to view .ods if you don't already have it
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