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User Info: guerillacore

4 years ago#1
I got this when it came out and played for a few weeks until I was stuck at Jet Bahamut, then moved onto Sleeping Dogs.

Well, i'm trying to finish the Story and am just stuck on Jet Bahamut still.

I have Serah with 6428 HP, her crystarium is at: Com 99; RAV 99; Sen 92; Sab 99; Syn 04; and Medic 99. She has the Izanami weapon; a grimore hat, magicians mark, and delicate silver bangle.

Noel is at 7422 HP; crystarium COM 99; Rav 99; Sen 84; Sab 12; Syn 99; and medic 99.
He's rolling with the Vajrandanda andd some Kaiser Knuckles.

So my question is; do I just need to grind and get the crystarium fully expanded? OR are they're any better weapon/accesory combinations that are even feasable for me to obtain prior to completing the story line?

I beat FF13 with no help at all; and am not understanding why I'm struggling so much.

Please let me know; any help would be super super appreciated.


User Info: Sir_Tripzalot

4 years ago#2
Dude .. which monsters are you using..?

I crushed Jet with a party waaaaay under those levels, but I had a solid monster team.
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