Adamantite weapons or Trapezohedron weapons?

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So I know the Chaos Crystal weapons are the BEST weapons, and I have both of them, but they only become great after you've gotten all 160 fragments, and since I have already done virtually everything, by the time I get the last few fragments (I'll have the last of them once I finish all the paradox endings), I will have nothing left to do in the game except the Coliseum DLC battles, so...I want the best weapons I can get in the meantime. Now my question is, should I go with the ATB+1 weapons that requires me to farm Yomi for Trapezohedrons, or should I get the ones that require Adamantites instead (which can be won easilly in Chocobo races)? The former may have an extra ATB bar, but the latter has better raw stats. What do you guys think? I'm not to keen on farming Yomi for Traps to be honest...I don't find him all that difficult, but his drop-rate is horrendous, even with Durable Collector's Catalog's (which I have two of). Currently I'm using the Chain Bonus Lvl 5 weapons that I got from killing Ochu. I'm gonna miss that awesome chaining once I switch over to the more powerful weapons...Wish they had made super-weapons in the game that had BOTH ATB charge +50% AND Chain Bonus lvl 5, with high stats to boot. :P They could have just made the game harder to compensate. This game really is way too easy. XIII was much harder.
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First off, the Chaos Weapons are far from the best weapons in the game. The Chain Bonus lv 5 weapons are far and away the best followed by +1 ATB and +50% ATB rate.
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I was under the impression that the Chaos Weapons (Odinblade and Odinbolt) get double Strength and Magic stats once you have all 160 fragments? :-/ I currently have 150 fragments, so my Odinblade and Odinbolt have 133 in both Strength and Magic. Based on that I figured they'd get to over 280 once I have all 160 fragments, which are easily the highest stats in the game, but am I wrong? Do they only reach 140 or something (that would suck)? Because otherwise I can't see how Gandiva and Grasitha are better when they have only 120 and 72 in stats, even with Chain Bonus Lv. 5. Even more so in the case of Indrajit and Romulus & Remus, which have only 64 Strength and 80 Magic, or 80 Strength and 64 Magic, respectively, even though they have ATB Rate: +50%. Or are there more powerful versions of these weapons that I don't know about? Sagittarius and Mac an Luin have 115 and 160 in stats, and an extra ATB gauge, and Arcus Chronica and In Paradisum have 140 and 200 in stats. Shouldn't that make all 4 of them better than Gandiva and Grasitha? I know Chain Bonus Lv. 5 is good and all, but the stats are so much lower that I can't see how that alone makes them better. You can stagger an enemy faster and build the chain gauge faster, but I doubt it will lead to a higher total damage faster than what Arcus Chronica and In Paradisum can do with their mugh higher stats.
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I mean Gandiva and Indrajit are used as materials in building Arcus Chronica, and Grasitha and Romulus & Remus are used as materials in building In Paradisum. That in itself should suggest that/be testament to that Arcus Chronica and In paradisum are superior weapons compared to Gandiva, Indrajit, Grasitha, and Romulus & Remus, no? :-/
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Huh...I see...That's interesting...Though dissapointing as well, since it means the weapons I've had for ages are better than the post-game weapons...Sigh...Guess I'll stick to Gandiva and Grasitha then, and go get me some Durable Kaiser Knuckles and Durable Magistral Crests...I use the Cloudburst+Goblin Chieftain strategy instead of using a SYN monster as my third monster, so I was kind of hoping I'd get to use one of my accessory slots for a Durable Hypnocrown, so I could get Feral MAX...Guess not...
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I personally prefer those special weapons that leave feathers behind when you strike just because of that unique ability
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ACrossCountry posted...
I personally prefer those special weapons that leave feathers behind when you strike just because of that unique ability

Aside from that little cosmetical thing, though, those weapons are not that great. They are actually sub-par to several of the weapons you can get in the game.

The Chain Bonus Lvl 5 weapons are awesome in this game, especially if you ever need to grind for Gil and are farming off of Raspatil. Those and the ATB +50% weapons are my favorite, the latter simply because it's like a permanent Haste status on your character and along with a Preemptive Strike, that really cuts down on some battle time.

The Odinweapons are decent, I managed to do 3000 damage with only half the Fragments found while my monsters were barely cutting 1000 damage - probably cause I didn't level them much. But overall, they only have 20 points more than the above mentioned weapons. I am looking forward to trying to get the highest ATK weapons for the fun of it.

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ACrossCountry posted...
I personally prefer those special weapons that leave feathers behind when you strike just because of that unique ability

I like Noel's black weapon with the face on it because there's lots of detail in it and those black feathers look cool. It even says that the weapon is a Falcie or some crap like that.
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