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I love Serah. I have a poster of her in her Summoner costume in my room!
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Benry026 posted...
I love Serah. I have a poster of her in her Summoner costume in my room!

I want to see it! Please?!
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It's basically this one but its background has the world and moon with Final Fantasy 13-2 on it. She's like floating in space or something
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I just started the game yesterday and Serah looks strikingly good.

Only problem is this kills the credibility of the game since it’s impossible to believe that she’s surrounded by all of these males and they’re NOT trying to get in her pants at all times…very unrealistic. And how Noel can hang with her that long without trying something is baffling but, with that outfit, he’s under suspicion as it is.
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Looks like she's had some work done here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NxP_6bffrAU/T1LcHOzLXoI/AAAAAAAABWs/mRkkpROXBv8/s1600/FFXIII_Sexy_Serah2.jpg