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Final Fantasy XIII savegame from European copy (Archived)L_Spencer31/25/2012
NEWS! Lightning DLC + Classic Series Bosses DLC (Archived)
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i dont mind DLC when its for side stories. but not if its part of the main plot (Archived)yusiko71/25/2012
I Bet Lightning DLC is side story (Archived)heimdalgc41/25/2012
i have a shrine dedicated to Hope in my bedroom (Archived)
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Did anyone else think that scene was funny?*xiii spoilers* (Archived)Tidus58191/25/2012
we all agree that lightning>serah right? (Archived)
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Going from Nier to this... (Archived)ethan321051/25/2012
does serah have many awesome QTE moments? (Archived)yusiko11/25/2012
Rolling Shoulder (Archived)SkrallRampager41/25/2012
Have any sources actually confirmed that DLC will add to the ending? (Archived)Zeros71/25/2012
didnt finnish first one :/ (Archived)aiteboye101/25/2012
New Review (Archived)
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20-30 for DLC expansion, or 60 for a new game. (Archived)Mikuraga61/25/2012
In spite of all the criticism I have about the plot, writing, characters, etc... (Archived)
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Sephiroth colloseum battle DLC + Recruitment (Archived)
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New Commercial... or just cool cosplay? (Archived)HippieforLight71/25/2012
Hardest Battle in 13-2 (those who have the jp ver) (Archived)brookesybomb41/25/2012
Kain was featured in the logo of FF IV, which also serves as it's cover art. (Archived)
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3rd Birthday question (Archived)Sora54271/25/2012
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