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What game should I get? FFXIII-2 or Barbie: Princess Charm School? (Archived)
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From a scale of 1-10, how freaky does Serah get? (Archived)Yeul_Ballad91/17/2012
Any humanoid monsters? (Archived)
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Finally got to try the demo (Archived)
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Final Fantasy series are like cigarettes. (Archived)CoDnumb1fan71/17/2012
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Which FF13/FF13-2 character do you think has the most body hair? (Archived)IgnisVaanTidus91/17/2012
Support chararcter AI (Archived)madragon531/17/2012
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What do you think Noel smells like? (Archived)
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We need a GILgAMESH protagonist. (Archived)
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Kain told me to cross the heavens... (Archived)Shredder980031/17/2012
need recommend jrpg games with character design realism. (Archived)
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In this topic we compare monsters to Pokemon (Archived)Swaggamer900051/17/2012
The topics on this board are so weird and awkward. (Archived)
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Serah FFXIII costume DLC Yay or Nay? (Archived)
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God damn Hope.... (Archived)IhateMelvin11/17/2012
Battle of the Stereotypes: Sazh vs Hope vs Chocolina vs Noel (Archived)IgnisVaanTidus61/17/2012
best monster in demo (Archived)
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