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Why does everyone freak out about Auto-Battle.. (Archived)
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Does this game use the same engine as XIII? (Archived)Pokerkid77751/18/2012
the good the bad and the damn ugly (Archived)razorfate91/18/2012
3 days and... (Archived)
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I think I'm done with FF. (Archived)
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C/D Final Fantasy would be great again if... (Archived)YamatoShogun61/18/2012
You notice in FF XIII & FF XIII-2 the characters dont rest at inns? (Archived)
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Hope is my favorite FF character i am so sad he is not playable (Archived)Gavin_Twilight101/18/2012
Omega DLC (Archived)IAMlnDiGNaTioN61/18/2012
A list of a few reviews that have come out (some need translating) (Archived)HippieforLight61/18/2012
Is there a reason we can't input the names for the monsters? (Archived)Render971/18/2012
So I played the demo... (Archived)
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I propose we boycott Toriyama produced games! (Archived)MagiusNecros61/18/2012
Dusk Odin (Archived)gatz621/18/2012
*Spoilers* Can someone just post what happens in the ending since... (Archived)
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there wont be another game in this "series" will there? (Archived)
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Caius VA (Archived)
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Golden treasure balls (Archived)gatz621/18/2012
The novel (Archived)Celes1821/18/2012
Yeul looks waaaaaay cooler than Serah IMO (Archived)HelloNel81/18/2012
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