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now that i think about it most rpg dont really let u roleplay anymore (Archived)
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Turn-based ff games are died and I say good riddance! (Archived)
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Has anybody else noticed that FF13 seems to throw everything on 'high'? (Archived)
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Where in viles peaks do you encounter the black chocobo (Archived)Blue001112/23/2011
Which chocobo is the fastest (Archived)Blue001112/23/2011
Who played FF13 and thought, man, I want to play as Serah? (Archived)
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Where do i get a faster chocobo (Archived)Blue001612/23/2011
so i was skimming extra punctuation articles (Archived)ripshirt112/23/2011
is there a swimsuit costume for noel? (Archived)yusiko412/23/2011
so who is the main? serah or noel? do they share the role? (Archived)yusiko612/23/2011
Young'uns, when I was your age, I had Final Fantasy. (Archived)
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Best decoration (Archived)Blue001112/23/2011