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If Tri-Ace helped S-E make this game then what does that mean? (Archived)
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Wouldn't it be epically trolltastic... (Spoilers) (Archived)ophanseraph123712/20/2011
Hopefully you guys get to play a segment as Caius in FFXIII-3 (Archived)nevertidus24912/20/2011
Check it out, a trailer focused on introducing the characters. (Archived)Some_Static412/20/2011
Does this game uphold the FF tradition of characters who talk really slowly? (Archived)Chimpsonabus312/20/2011
Throw the biggest spoilers you can about this game at me (SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) (Archived)
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Got the game at last:) (Archived)
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Now I know the basic plot Colliding Worlds (the rap battle theme) isn't so bad (Archived)M1Astray812/20/2011
What if Cauis trolled FFversusXIII too? (Archived)BloodDamage912/20/2011
If Serah, Dajh and Cid had Eidolons... (Spoilers) (Archived)ophanseraph123812/20/2011
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13-3 Idea. (Archived)
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Serah's hairstyle make it look like she has a unibrow... (Archived)madapocket1012/20/2011
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so whats the fan reaction in japan to this game? (Archived)Metal_Gear_Link712/20/2011