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Any text walkthroughs up yet? (Archived)TomCrook312/18/2011
Never really cared about the story in the first place. (Archived)ArchedEnemy1012/18/2011
So from what I can get about people's opinions on this game is that (Archived)
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So are there any summons in this game? (Archived)penemue312/18/2011
Endings (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Has anyone seen an area that wasnt shown in anyway b4 this came out? *Spoilerz* (Archived)IcyFlamez96312/18/2011
Does this game have more cutscence than XIII?? (Archived)fall2012412/18/2011
Rant about a character you hate (Archived)kh2gamer912/18/2011
So.... (possible spoilers) (Archived)marko7512/18/2011
side mission at af300 bilge ruins(oopart) (Archived)invader86212/18/2011
Let's say you were driving and saw Toriyama... (Archived)
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Impressions After 25 Hours: No Spoilers (Archived)Entrydenied812/18/2011
Wah? *MAJOR SPOILERS* (Archived)thefinaloracle912/18/2011
Does any save file work regardless of the Region? (Archived)ShanaChan16212/18/2011
HELP!! AF400 Yuba village Last clock puzzle - last stage (Archived)masterdonyc412/18/2011
Is there still CP in this game? (Archived)CruelBuffalo512/18/2011
Soundtrack Photos (DVD version) and lyrics (Archived)whoopeeragon1012/18/2011
This gave was fun and addictive (Archived)heimdalgc912/18/2011
What are Replicas? (Archived)
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I have a question... *spoilers* (Archived)ophanseraph123412/18/2011
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