Trick to the Heavy Pulse Rifle

#1Sam273Posted 5/29/2011 1:45:33 PM
Sorry if this is old, but I think i found a trick to the Heavy Pulse Rifle. If you double tap the meter that shows when the gun is going to overheat, right when it is about to overheat, the meter resets and you can continue firing without stopping. I dunno if this is a glitch or if they did this on purpose, but its very handy if you get it down right. I dont have my ipod with me right now so i cant explain the timing exactly, but i believe you double tap the meter in-between the 2nd and last beep before it overheats. And careful not to tap anywhere else near it, cuz it will cause Vandal to turn around. Let me know if anyone gets it, sorry for the long explanation.
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