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List of playable character? SPOILERSHeeaartless27/31 12:55PM
DLC Chars (spoiler ok)SupremeShogun57/14 5:30AM
Hearing about translation hiccups got me thinking:Tactician_J17/13 3:54AM
Chapter 6 story question *Spoilers obviously*ARsignal1117/12 7:27AM
So if I sit down and play this game for 90 min...SeeDSquallBM37/3 12:13AM
Is the game's story based on real life history? (Archived)IndigoIce47/1 3:06PM
Chain attacks with archers impossible! (Archived)netherlight37/1 2:52PM
Do i have to use the elephant? (Archived)archonjiggz56/19 11:25AM
Master Database (re-uploaded) (Archived)pchan10526/2 3:58PM
Need Info for Crafting melqart's swords +5 and melqart's holly sword (Archived)delta_1235/15 2:54PM
i went on whim bought this off golden week sale wow just wow (Archived)dredddman25/15 12:11PM
is this game like Shining Force 1 or II? (sega genesis) (Archived)Heeaartless85/5 5:32AM
The 15th Main Character. (Archived)Huyfan34/21 9:51AM
stage 43 need help (Archived)tidus34624/21 9:28AM
1 playthrough platinum : done (Archived)JueLian54/15 3:27PM
Visual novel to gameplay ratio? (Archived)TheCyborgNinja54/15 3:26PM
There's really no English audio??! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
InfinityOver0124/6 7:47AM
Database almost complete! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
pchan105473/28 8:23AM
waiting for a price drop on PSN (Archived)Heeaartless43/27 5:53AM
My No Penalty Playthrough (Archived)Salary53/23 10:40AM
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