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5 years ago#1
ok so now that you have your vita's. anyone sucessfuly tethering it with your iphone's? if so, which program are you using and how is it holding up?
5 years ago#2
I know MyWi works perfect on it. I haven't tried PDANET yet.

PDANET does have a hide option that MYWI doesn't though, so you risk being caught doing it.

I been using PDANET for 2 years and never been caught =]
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5 years ago#3
i use my android. dont even need to use a app for it lol
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5 years ago#4
haha awesome. i think i will get att for the 1 month to get free month and mainly the free digital game. after that. i am going to tether haha. I have iphone 3gs. and myWifi but i need to re jailbrake it..
5 years ago#5
i got PDA net on my 3gs but some reason i dont see it broadcasting the SSID. has anyone got it to work on iphone tethering programs? if so,what repo did u get your app :)
5 years ago#6
Using my Xperia Play to tether. Works nice. Racing in Wipeout and everything.
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5 years ago#7
thats awesome that you are able to tether. anyone use PDAnet successfully with iphone? i cant even get my vita or 3ds to see the SSID... even tried manually setting up. nothing changed.
5 years ago#8
i tethered through my iphone and no prgram needed. just link the ps vita bluetooth with the iphone and put in the password for your iphone tether on the vita and voila!

works for me anyway.
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5 years ago#9
i live in Canada if this matters at all.
Rockin' a 640GB PS3...enough said!
5 years ago#10
what a great idea. thank you :) will try it now
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