Anyone try Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on the Vita?

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  3. Anyone try Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on the Vita?
3 years ago#1
I didn't see it on the supported list. I heard some things about PS3 transfer. I'd really like to know. It'd be great to have it on the Vita.
Funtimes at Sega High.
3 years ago#2
From what I've read it works as long as you transfer it from the PS3.
Farrago Pitas
3 years ago#3
thats the best game they made for PSP in my opinion, lett me know if it looks choppy or pixleated on VITA.
3 years ago#4
Yes it works and works wonderfully. Transferred it over last night and had a quick go on all the games in it, even Peke!

this topic here is the best for finding out which games work and what doesn't:
3 years ago#5
Agreed. It runs beautifully! I've been playing it this afternoon!
"Donít blink. Blink and youíre dead. Donít turn your back, donít look away and donít blink. Good luckÖ"
3 years ago#6
how much more better does it look on Vita vs PSP
3 years ago#7
Well colours are a lot more vibrant on the Vitaís AOLED screen, and the blacks look like true blacks. If you want to you can even select the original PSPís system Colour Space, but that looks fairly dull in comparison to the Vitaís native colours.

Jaggies are a little more prevalent on the Vita, but to rectify that you have the option to turn on Bilinear Filtering which will smoothen the image. I find that 3D games benefit most from Bilinear Filtering turned on, whilst 2D based games have no jaggies to begin with, look better with the option left off.

So yeah, the Vita handles Castlevania DXC wonderfully. Same goes with all the PSP games Iíve tried in fact. The picture is brighter, with more vibrant colours and all on a larger screen with dual anolog support. Itís gonna be hard to go back to playing some of these games on my PSP again.
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  3. Anyone try Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on the Vita?

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