Vita frozen? Stuck on shut down?

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4 years ago#1

Freaking out here, Vita was freezing up a bit in menu so decided I should restart it.

Held power, hit shut down and now it's stuck at the swirly loading circle thing with the PS logo blue and blinking.


Nothing is happening...Help :(

4 years ago#2


4 years ago#3
I had that happen once, I just held the power button until a menu came up. It had I think 5 options, one of them was to reboot the system.
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Cody Lundin
4 years ago#4

Nvm, Held it longer than 30seconds and got the diagnostic screen.


This happen to anyone else?

4 years ago#5
happened to me once, but like the previous poster said I went into the Recovery Menu and rebooted the system.
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4 years ago#6
Yup happened to me too. I just did what the others did here.
4 years ago#7
Sweet lord I was about to have a heart attack. Same thing just happened to me trying to load firework. Thanks to you fine folks I can rest easy...
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