PS Button flashing red

#1The_JJPPosted 3/8/2012 1:11:49 AM
I have the Vita plugged in and it won't turn on. Am I screwed?
#2Da_Devil1Posted 3/8/2012 1:45:29 AM
No sir, you are not, when the vita light is flashing it means it IS charging but hasn't got enough power to switch on the device. Just wait till the light goes solid or blue. :)
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#3ThugETHPosted 3/8/2012 2:17:43 AM
Never seen a red light, only amber.
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#4ethsfanPosted 3/8/2012 2:19:18 AM
TC isn't it orange?
And if you go to browser on your vita there's a manual that tells you what all the lights/blinks/etc mean
#5The_JJP(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2012 2:21:25 AM
Thanks for the replies. It turned on now, wasn't sure about the charging thing.
#6its_mattPosted 3/8/2012 3:13:00 AM
Most devices that run off a rechargeable battery still run off the battery when it is charging so it stands to reason if you have played the console till it died that you have to charge it up a bit before it will switch on