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6 years ago#21
Price will matter most. If the PSP2 is overpriced like its predecessor than the 3DS will win out pretty easily. The other factor is developers. From what Nintendo showed us at E3 they have a CRAP-TON of developers making multiple games on the 3DS already. Sony so far showed us they are mainly working on it with some stuff from Konami and a bit from Capcom. So they really weren't teaming with development help like the 3DS. Which btw, is the same issue the PSP went through ultimately.
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6 years ago#22
Dood the NGP has been announced for like half a day. You've really got to give it more time before making any kind of analysis about developer support.
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6 years ago#23

That doesn't seem to be a problem. The list of third party support has been released already:

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6 years ago#24
Nice link BonezWell...though I'm a bit skeptical still...The PSP had a similar support list but it didn't bear fruit until two years later and even then it still wasn't very much fruit... The 3DS at E3 on the other hand had a ton of game footage already. I'll probably end up being a late adopter of the PSP2 as I was the first PSP unless Sony wow's me.
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6 years ago#25
Like others have said, I don't think release date will be that big of a factor. The price is going to be a much bigger issue. I can't see something with all of the NGP's features going for cheap, and that's going to be a big issue, as it always is. Don't forget that Nintendo has always had a technically inferior but cheaper handheld and has beat all who tried to challenge it.

Gameboy vs. Lynx/Game Gear
Gameboy Color vs. Neo Geo Pocket
Nintendo DS vs. PSP

That being said, I've already got a 3DS preordered and I'll be picking up an NGP the day it's released too. However, I'm not the average consumer, and those people are usually going to be looking for the more affordable option. I have a feeling that the NGP is going to once again be the expensive handheld alternative that fails to gain traction because of the price.
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